Jonesboro hosts traditional Independence Day Parade

By Jim Zachary, jzachary@news-daily.com

JONESBORO — Grayson McMichael celebrated the 4th of July for the first time in historic downtown Jonesboro, Wednesday.

In fact, it was his first Independence Day parade, ever.

Grayson McMichael is 6 months old.

Waving a small American Flag, or rather chewing on it, the young Jonesboro resident was joined by scores of children and adults for the patriotic parade down Jonesboro’s Main Street.

Two-year-old Aalaynah Butler, wearing a festive T-shirt with the message “All Americans Unite,” was one of numerous attendees dressed for the occasion.

Among the youngest parade watchers was 3-month-old Morgan Roberson of Stockbridge.

However, it was not all children and their families at the parade.

Many long-time residents, including a handful of military veterans, lined Main Street waving flags, as elected officials, candidates, motorcycles, cyclists, funny cars, cheer teams and fire trucks paraded their way through the historic downtown district.

With the 2012 countywide election approaching, candidates dominated the parade, waving, throwing out candy to eager youths and handing out free bottles of water.

Fourth of July parades, once a tradition in communities throughout the United States, are becoming increasingly rare, but it is a tradition that continues in Jonesboro.

In neighboring Henry County, rather than a parade, the city of McDonough hosted an ice cream social, as the mayor rehearsed the formation of the nation in a rousing presentation that included prayer and the singing of patriotic songs.


OscarKnight 2 years, 10 months ago

....Many of Our Elected Officials and County Officials, of this county, should have their own parade :

...Riddle me with this :

......If Clayton County was to have a Fool's Parade, who would be out front twirling the baton ?


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