Who’s courting business?

Chamber releases candidate survey answers

With the state primary only weeks away, candidates for elected offices have gotten down to business — in a manner of speaking.

The Clayton County Chamber of Commerce published on its web site over the weekend the questionnaire responses it received from candidates for elected office. The responses can be found under the “Chamber Highlights” heading on www.claytonchamber.org/.

“Through our questionnaire process, we offered candidates the opportunity to communicate their perspective on business-related issues,” the chamber’s website states. “In turn, business and industry leaders as well as voters can review and utilize the questionnaires to learn more about the candidates in preparation for the elections.”

Candidates were asked seven questions about their experience and education goals, and their thoughts on transportation, inclusion of citizens, marketing the county and how their potential election victory would impact businesses.

County Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell, for example, wrote he would use his contacts through the metro Atlanta region to foster economic development in the county if he is re-elected. But, Jeff Turner, one of Bell’s challengers, wrote he would instead work with businesses already in the county so they could have a voice in the county’s economic development.

Of the 45 people seeking elected offices, 18 candidates, mostly people running for state House of Representatives seats, did not turn in questionnaires into the Chamber of Commerce, the website states.