Henry police get false dynamite alarm

STOCKBRIDGE — Henry County police contacted the Clayton County Police Bomb Disposal Unit to check out what was believed to be dynamite at a Stockbridge house.

A homeowner was cleaning out the garage, Saturday, after evicting the previous tenants, and found what was believed to be three sticks of dynamite taped together, according to Henry Police Sgt. Joey Smith.

The incident took place around 1:20 p.m., at 1345 Maple St.

“Officers took precaution and sealed off the area and began to notify homeowners,” said Smith. “The Clayton County Police Bomb Disposal Unit was requested. Upon their arrival and inspection, they determined that the device was most likely emergency road flares taped together.”

The device was destroyed for precautionary reasons, added the sergeant. No one was injured during the occurrence.

“The incident will be reviewed by the Criminal Investigations Division,” Smith said. “If the suspect is identified and there is sufficient evidence, charges could be filed.”

The Henry police sergeant said police have been called to the Maple Street house in the past. “But, nothing similar to this event,” added Smith.

As of Monday, the ongoing investigation by police has not led them to who left the taped flares at the house, or why, according to Smith.

“We are not familiar if the previous tenant made any threats towards the property owner,” said the sergeant.