The meaning of life

Clayton County launches new site for seniors

JONESBORO — The British comedy troupe Monty Python once asked “Is life just a game where we make up the rules?”

The Greek philosopher Plutarch offered an insightful, if not cryptic, answer when he said, “The whole of life is but a moment of time. It is our duty, therefore, to use it, not to misuse it.”

Of course, Plutarch gave his answer a few millennia before the question was asked, and he didn’t even know at the time that he was responding to a group of men whose most famous sketches involved Catholic cardinals, silly dances and a gender-confused lumberjack.

Clayton County officials are asking senior citizens who came of age in the Pre-Computer Age to walk away from rotary phones and typewriters so they can find new ways of following Plutarch’s advice. The elderly residents are being asked to plug into a new “Lifelong Community” web site for the Clayton County Senior Services Department.

“In order to better serve our older residents of the county it is important that we provide them with an all-inclusive, informational web site,” said Senior Services Director Mary Byrd in a written statement. “As we continue to move forward with our Lifelong Community initiative our web site will serve as an informational portal displaying the great strides that are being made daily with the program throughout the county.”

The web site is part of an ongoing effort to promote healthier lifestyles for Clayton County seniors through the Atlanta Regional Commission’s “Lifelong Community” initiative, according to a county press release. Senior Services has been collaborating for months with the ARC, Clayton County Board of Health and the Clayton County Chamber of Commerce on the county’s “Lifelong Community” effort.

The web address for the new site is www.claytoncountyga.gov/departments/senior-services/lifelongcommunity.aspx/.

The web site lists the addresses and phone numbers for each senior center in the county, articles about events taking place at the centers, photo galleries from past senior services events, department news, an explanation of the “Lifelong Community” initiative and a calendar of senior citizen-oriented events.

County officials are boasting that the new web site is easier for elderly residents to read because words on it will be shown in a larger type font.

And, while Monty’s Python’s question is absent, Plutarch’s pearls of wisdom can be found at the top of the web site.