Rescues made easier

Agencies helping disabled residents

JONESBORO — For people with mobility issues, a house fire carries greater risks than for people fully capable of escaping smoke and flames.

To address that problem, Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services has partnered with Shepherd Center to makes those rescues easier. Fire Chief Jeff Hood said residents with permanent mobility impairments can register their addresses with the closest fire station so their addresses can be recorded and flagged in the dispatch database.

Those residents will be given a window decal letting responders know a person living in the home is disabled.

“Whenever we as an emergency care providers can take measures to decrease the amount of time required to locate people in need, it’s a benefit to us and the citizens,” he said. “By displaying the rescue stickers in their window, in conjunction with having those particular addresses flagged at our dispatch center, we will be able to identify the homes of those in need much easier and faster, saving valuable time and potentially lives.”

In case of an emergency, responders will be notified of the special considerations and be better prepared to successfully rescue a resident that might otherwise be unable to escape danger on their own, said Hood.

Capt. Walter Barber said it’s all about being prepared.

“We have not had any previous incidents but we recognize our aging and disabled population,” he said. “We want to be proactive in make sure all that can be done is being done.”

Residents who are confined to their homes and unable to request the information in person can have a caretaker make the request, said Barber.

For more information, residents can contact the nearest fire station or call the Clayton County fire headquarters in Riverdale at (770) 473-7833.