Candidate outlines platform in last-minute press release

JONESBORO — A Clayton County sheriff’s candidate who didn’t participate in two public forums or provide answers to a questionnaire sent by Clayton News Daily issued a press release a week before the primary outlining his platform.

Five of eight candidates — Jon Antoine, Tina Daniel, Lawrence Ethridge, Victor Hill and Rica Wright — answered questions during June forums in Forest Park and at Clayton State University. Sheriff Kem Kimbrough, Dreq Newsome and Ricky Redding didn’t attend either event. However, Redding’s wife, Angela Redding, was allowed to read a statement from him during the Forest Park forum explaining he was at work.

Hill and Newsome didn’t return a questionnaire sent by this newspaper seeking answers to issues affecting the sheriff’s office. Hill is under a 37-count felony indictment in Clayton County for allegations related to his one-term as sheriff, from 2005 to 2008. If convicted, he faces years in prison.

Monday, a press agent issued a release on Newsome’s behalf. In it, Newsome is described as having “extensive experience” as a public servant who also has been successful in the private sector since 1995. He has been responsible for drafting and controlling multimillion dollar budgets, maintaining systems and processes, and minimizing liabilities, according to the press release.

If elected, Newsome vows that honesty, leadership and integrity will be the cornerstone of his administration, stated the release.


OscarKnight 3 years, 1 month ago

......Resumes, Questionnaires, and Campaign Promotions are usually exaggerated by the person that wrote it or filled it out.

.....The Track Records of Experience Stands on It's Own Merit, especially when it's witnessed on our home grounds.

....In other words; Don't tell us what you accomplish elsewhere, tell us what you have done here.



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