Man charged with running scam on illegal immigrants

JONESBORO — A man still on probation for theft and burglary last year was arrested Wednesday for allegedly scamming illegal immigrants out of thousands of dollars.

Sachin Reuben Perumal, 22, is being held in the Clayton County Jail on five counts of theft by deception. He isn't entitled to a bond because there is a probation hold on his release.

Sheriff's Investigator Jimmy Black said Perumal met five illegal immigrants at the Georgia Department of Motor Services in Forest Park last month. Police allege Perumal collected $2,000 from each in exchange for a drivers license.

"He collected the money and advised the illegal immigrants to go stand at counter 8, which was on the other side of the office area," said Black. "Perumal advised them the officer was helping someone else and when she was through, they'd get their licenses."

While they waited, Perumal allegedly told the five he was going outside to count the money so no one would see he had that much cash. However, once he was outside, Perumal reportedly fled.

He was arrested Wednesday at his Jonesboro home on Holly Dell Court by sheriff's investigators, and officers from the Morrow Probation Office and Georgia Department of Motor Services.

According to Clayton County court records, Perumal was serving first offender probation for a March 2011 conviction for burglary and theft by receiving stolen property. Records also show he has a pending case in State Court from a June 22 incident.