TAPP teachers train to make grade

Paul Hardy (pictured) is one of 19 applicants selected to participate in Clayton County Public School’s TAPP, or Teacher Alternative Preparation Program. It’s a way of fast-tracking people who know subject matter but who haven’t completed a teacher-prep program into service as instructors.

Others in the program include Patricia Cain, Marie Chery, Chet Davis, Dang Do, Lamar Dobbins, Anthony Farina, Denise Gross, Yvette Hart, Earl Lewis Jr., Deon Pennyman, Kandice Phillips, Jarrett Proctor, Harold Walker and Vonnetta Wedderburn.

The two-year training option is open to individuals who hold bachelor’s degrees or higher from accredited institutions but who did not complete teacher-education requirements as part of their degree programs. The program allows candidates to gain on-the-job training while pursuing teacher certification.