Elected office hopefuls to meet Democrats today

Many of the people vying to be elected to congressional, state and local offices this year are expected to come together Saturday to meet local Democrats.

Candidates from every office that will appear on Clayton County ballots during the July 31 Democratic primary have been invited to attend a Clayton County Democratic Party “meet and greet” event, which is set to run from 11 a.m., to 4 p.m., at the old Riverdale City Hall, located at 6690 Church St., in Riverdale.

Offices slated to appear on Democratic primary ballots include: U.S. Congress Districts 5 and 13; State Senate Districts 34 and 44; State House of Representatives Districts 60, 63, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78; sheriff; district attorney; solicitor general; chief Magistrate Court judge; Probate Court judge; clerk of Superior Court; State Court judge; Superior Court judge; tax commissioner; county commissioner Districts 2 and 3, and commission chairman.

“This gives them [the candidates] a chance to meet the Clayton County Democratic Party, and it gives the Clayton County Democratic Party a chance to meet and get to know the candidates,” said Democratic Party Executive Board member Khairat Ajiboye, the event’s organizer.

The “meet and greet” will be a sort of unofficial start to a summer filled with events where voters will be able to see candidates in person, and hear their positions on issues facing the county.

The July 31 Democratic Primary will carry a general election-esque level of importance in Clayton County, for the county-level offices, and state legislative seats that represent the county. That is because there are no Republicans running for those offices. The U.S. Congressional seats are the only offices appearing on Clayton ballots that are slated to field Republican candidates.

Whoever wins the Democratic Primary, or a run-off election if one is needed, will virtually win the November elections by default. And, the race is really already over for some elected seats where only one Democratic qualified to run for office, including: Solicitor general; chief Magistrate Court judge; Probate Court judge; clerk of Superior Court; State Court judge; Superior Court judge, and tax commissioner.

Clayton County Democratic Party Vice-Chairperson Terrica Matthews said, however, that the races appearing on Clayton County ballots this year are all important, regardless of how many Democrats and Republicans qualified to run for those seats. She added the party plans to hold additional community forums, related to the elections, to “stress the importance of voting” and so voters can cast informed votes at the polls.

“The local primary races are the most important races to vote in because they directly impact the people of the community,” Matthews said in a written statement. “Even though there are no Republicans in the race, we need everyone to come out because every vote counts.”

People interesting in finding a full list of candidates for offices appearing on Clayton County ballots can log onto www.claytoncountyga.gov/departments/elections-and-registration.aspx, to find a full list of candidates who qualified to run for office last month.