Turkey Chop: Fast-food alternative that tastes good

First metro Atlanta location opens in Jonesboro

Photo by Jim Massara
Finichia Hoskins, Treshonda Tucker and Quentin Love open the first Atlanta-area Turkey Chop Friday in Jonesboro.

Photo by Jim Massara Finichia Hoskins, Treshonda Tucker and Quentin Love open the first Atlanta-area Turkey Chop Friday in Jonesboro.

“A no beef, no pork alternative” to traditional fast food and soul food restaurants? And it tastes good?

That’s the message Chicago restauranteur Quentin Love hopes to bring to Jonesboro when he helps open the first Turkey Chop just off Tara Boulevard on Friday.

“How we think is tied in to what we eat and drink,” says Love, a trim ex-Marine. “If we’re eating better, we think better and we do better.”

The menu features turkey steak, a smothered turkey chop, a Texas turkey burger and Jamaican jerk turkey wrap, along with pasta dishes, jerk and smothered chicken, Cajun tilapia and veggie entrees. Everything’s cooked with vegetable oil instead of lard and sea salt instead of processed salt. Sandwiches are wrapped in wheat bread, not white bread. And Turkey Chop is one step ahead of New York City — not only are there no super-sized colas, there are no carbonated beverages, period, with teas and lemonade served instead.

Atlantans Treshonda Tucker and Finichia Hoskins say they decided to work with Love to bring his healthy-eating concept here after meeting him through a mutual friend and learning more about Love’s Quench restaurants in Chicago, which feature a similar concept. “There’s nothing within 10 miles that’s healthy,” says Hoskins, who works in Forest Park and elsewhere as a speech therapist.

Tucker, also a speech therapist, and Hoskins wanted to carry the message, too. When asked if anyone in their families had suffered from health problems like high blood pressure, coronary disease or diabetes, Love and the two women nodded in unison.

“My mom had a heart attack about 10 years ago. She takes medicine every day now for her heart,” Tucker says. “All my brothers and sisters and my aunts, everybody has diabetes.”

The story’s the same with Hoskins. “Heart disease, diabetes, obesity,” she says. “All in my family, both sides.”

Love has eaten healthy for years but had a tough time finding the easiest way to do it. After trying both vegetarian and vegan diets that weren’t easy to keep, he “wanted to create a concept that was easy for the average person to adapt,” he says.

The result was Love’s six Quench restaurants, all in the Chicago area. Turkey Chop has most of the Quench menu, with a twist — you can buy fresh turkey there as well, take it home with seasonings and a recipe, and cook it yourself.

Turkey Chop, located at 624 Southside Commercial Parkway in Jonesboro, offers both eat-in and delivery throughout Clayton County. For more information, call (770) 473-5054.