Moss indicted by grand jury for Coker murder

His body was found under her back porch

Pamela Carole Moss

Pamela Carole Moss

Pamela Carole Moss was officially indicted by a Jones County Grand Jury on Thursday, for the killing of Henry County businessman William Douglas Coker Sr., according to Fred Bright, District Attorney for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit.

“Moss was indicted for the murder. ... She is charged with two counts of murder,” said Bright. “Counts one and two merge into each other.”

Moss, 54, faces murder and felony murder charges.


William “Doug” Coker, Sr.

Bright said his office expects to prove, “with malice aforethought, Pamela Moss [did] cause the death of William Coker, Sr., by causing blunt force head trauma.”

Coker, 67, was reported missing from Stockbridge on March 13. A family member expressed concerns about Coker’s whereabouts after he failed to return home following a reported business meeting at a fast food restaurant in Macon. Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and Henry County police reviewed video showing Coker having a cup of coffee and leaving the McDonald’s on Bass Road alone.

Bright and Jones County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Earl Humpharies presented the murder case to the grand jury on Tuesday.

Bright said Capt. Earl Humpharies of the Criminal Investigation Division, the lead investigator on the case, was the only witness to testify before the grand jury.The Jones County Sheriff Captain gave details of the murder in the arrest warrant for Moss.

“The defendant did unlawfully and with malice aforethought cause the death of William Douglas Coker, Sr. The victim met with the defendant on or about March 13, 2012,” according to the warrant. “After the victim never returned home, he was reported missing to the Henry County Police Department. On the evening of March 18, 2012, the body of William Douglas Coker, Sr., was discovered under the back porch of 149 Old Ridge Road, inside the River North subdivision of Jones County, Georgia.”

Moss and Coker had a business relationship, according to Humpharies.

Bright said March 13 was the last day the victim was seen and heard alive.

“We picked the ending date March 18, because that was the day the Mr. Coker’s body was found under her back porch, on March 18, Sunday,” he added.

Tuesday, Moss’ attorney, Frank Hogue, said his client is not guilty.

“My client is going to plead not guilty to the charge of murder. There will be a murder trial, [and] I fully expect to be in court defending Pam Moss of murder one day in the coming months.”

Hogue represented Moss in a Bibb County murder case in November 1997. Then, she pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, after being charged with murder, in the death of her mother, Barbara Sherman Frye, 64. Moss served seven years in prison, and served three years on parole, said Hogue.