‘Keeping hope alive’: Clayton residents enjoy a day of family, fun

Scores of Clayton County residents braved the sweltering heat to attend the seventh Annual Clayton County Marriage and Family Day. And to say that they seemed to enjoy themselves would be an understatement.

People clapped, swayed with the music, often getting out of their seats to dance, visited the slew of vendors, as local fire department personnel kept watch to try and make sure people were staying hydrated.

The event was held Thursday on the lawn of the historic Clayton County Courthouse, in Jonesboro.

Clayton County Marriage and Family Chairperson Randy Burgess took the stage as a co-host for the evening soiree. He even made cotton candy and sweet cinnamon roll buns for the younger attendees. Burgess and other board members also presented awards to students who won the organization’s essay competition, about the “Recipe for a Courageous Family.”

“This event is really about showing the people the importance of family and having a healthy marriage,” said Burgess. “We have been doing this event for seven years and it’s always been held the weekend before Father’s Day.”

Among the event supporters and sponsors were: Chick-fil-A, Inc.; Chick-fil-A Dwarf House, of Jonesboro; Clayton County Fire Department; Forest Park Fire Department; First Baptist Church of Jonesboro; Amazing Grace Church, of Forest Park, and Catherine Grimes, the clown.