News for Monday, June 25, 2012


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Surprise — the rose garden’s not for sale

Pope Dickson still owns memorial to stillborns

Abner Dickson may have had the last laugh himself when on Monday he revealed his final misdirection: He kept the memorial rose garden for stillborn babies on Pope Dickson’s Jonesboro property up his sleeve, when everyone thought the bank had taken it away.

No job cuts in Riverdale's budget

The Riverdale City Council will move forward with the city’s proposed, $11.7 million general fund budget for 2013.

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It's nice to be emperor — Michael Reagan

If Congress doesn’t pass the legislation President Obama desires, he uses his executive powers and regulatory agencies to get his way. If he doesn’t like a law or thinks it’s unconstitutional, he tells his minions and bureaucrats not to enforce it.

Eloise Pritchett Lasseter

Eloise Pritchett Lasseter, of Hampton, passed away June 24, 2012.

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Relax 'Mitt,' just be yourself — Tina Dupuy

Mitt Romney’s off-the-cuff comments are starting to seem like Barack Obama’s bowling: Not good. Kind of spectacularly bad. Kitsch on a kind day.

Morrow woman charged in arson

Accused of setting husband’s clothes on fire

A Morrow woman was arrested for allegedly setting her husband's clothes on fire in an attempt to burn down his house, Clayton County fire officials announced Monday.

Teens prepare to grill candidates

Clayton County teenagers are poised to put candidates on the hot seat at a public forum in Forest Park.

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T-SPLOST opponents enjoy cordial debate

In a presentation that pitted the bigger picture against more careful planning before spending billions, Clayton County Chairman Eldrin Bell debated the upcoming T-SPLOST referendum Saturday in Morrow with an anti-T-SPLOST advocate invited by Clayton’s GOP chairman to represent the opposition.