No property tax increase!

Morrow approves balanced $14.4 million budget

MORROW — Morrow residents can rest assured that they will not see their taxes go up and they will not see a drop in city services cut over the next 12 months.

The Morrow City Council unanimously approved its $14.4 million fiscal year 2013 operating budget on Tuesday. The budget is balanced which in layman’s terms means the revenues and expenditures are exactly the same, said City Manager Jeff Eady.

“There is no change in the millage rate,” Eady said. “It remains at 7.5 mills.”

The city’s new budget is set to be virtually “identical” to its fiscal year 2012 budget but Eady said the big changes in the spending plan reflect the fact that Morrow will have to make some needed capital purchases in the coming year.

“Our biggest change will be in capital purchases, as we look to purchase a new fire truck for the fire department and also to meet a federal mandate to update our communications system to a narrowband system,” said Eady.

The new $500,000 fire truck is something city Fire Chief Mark Herendeen has desired for a couple of years but he has had to keep putting off the purchase because of a lack of funding for it. “Chief Herendeen, you just weren’t going to give up until you got that fire truck were you?” Morrow Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke quipped just before the council voted on the budget.

The communications system upgrades are part of a federally-mandated switch to an 800-megahertz digital narrowband 9-1-1 dispatch system that public safety departments from Clayton County and its cities are making together. Eady said the $618,000 upgrades include the purchases of new consoles, radios and walkie talkies that are designed to work with the new system.

Eady said smaller capital purchases including two lawn mowers and a pick-up truck for the city’s public works department are also included in the budget.


OscarKnight 3 years, 5 months ago

....No Tax Increase For Morrow Residents ?

.....Riddle Me with this Puzzle : Why would there be any property taxes, for Homeowners, in the first place ?........With all of the businesses located in Morrow; This makes for Nonsense.

......Forest Park is next door to Morrow, and The Homeowners haven't paid property taxes for many years.

....By The Way; Does The City of Morrow have a Main Street ?


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