Teens charged with stealing neighbors car, flipping it

JONESBORO — A man on an out-of-state vacation got what might have been the shock of his life Friday night when Jonesboro police called him and said his 2010 Chrysler 300 was upside down in the middle of Ga. Hwy. 138.

Jonesboro Police Chief Franklin Allen alleges three 15-year olds from Jonesboro were charged with theft of a vehicle, fleeing and attempting to allude police and reckless driving after they led police on a chase down Ga. Hwy. 138 in the stolen vehicle.

Allen said the teens stole the vehicle from the garage of a neighbor who lived across the street from at least one of the youths but was out of town. They pulled up to a seat belt road check the Jonesboro police Department was conducting in front of Arnold Elementary School on Stockbridge Road, and then tried to turn around and flee the road check, according to authorities.

Allen, himself, led the police pursuit of the teens as they left the road check.

“We were about to move the road check to another location when the car they were in made a very abrupt turn into a parking lot at a high rate of speed,” Allen said. “I began to follow the car, at which time the vehicle began to take flight down Stockbridge Road and across Walt Stephens Road.

“As it approached Fielder Road, its right front tire blew out and it struck the retaining wall and flipped two times before coming to rest in the middle of the road.”

Allen said two of the teens climbed out of the car and began to run away while the third was trapped in the vehicle. The two teens that ran were quickly apprehended by Jonesboro and Clayton County police officers and Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies.

He said the owner of the car was not too happy with his teenage neighbor.

“He said, ‘He ain’t got no business with my car,’ ” said Allen.


MD 3 years, 5 months ago

They are good boys! Show them mercy! LOL!


OscarKnight 3 years, 5 months ago

...Kids Will Be Kids !!!!

......No Spanking Allowed !!!!........This would be called child abuse !!!!!

......Maybe I'm too strict, from having too many whoppings has a child...But I never broke any laws or stole any cars.


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