AG eyes Forest Park over open records complaint

By Jim Zachary, jzachary@news-daily.com

FOREST PARK — The Georgia Attorney General’s Office has contacted the city of Forest Park regarding an alleged violation of the state’s Open Records Act.

In a dispute with an embattled Forest Park businessman, the city has been involved in a tug of war over David Rashmir’s request for city records.

In a letter dated June 14, 2012, the Georgia Department of Law said Attorney General Samuel Olens office had received a complaint from Rashmir last month stating he had requested numerous records from the city, but alleging when documents were produced some of the items the businessman had formally requested had been omitted from the records production.

Under Georgia law the AG’s office is empowered to enforce the state’s Open Records Act (OCGA 50-18-73), however. the AG stopped short of saying the city had violated the Act. Rather, the letter addressed to Joe Harris, city attorney, asked that the city respond to the allegations.

In a response dated June 20, Harris requested additional information from the Attorney General’s office saying that once he had received all the same materials that had been submitted to the State of Georgia Department of Law by Rashmir in making the allegations, that he, act as city attorney, will “respond to Mr. Rashmir’s complaints point by point as quickly as possible.”