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Yorkie gets happy ending after abandonment

REX — A husband and his wife got an unexpected surprise Friday morning as they prepared to go to work — two 5-pound Yorkies had been thrown out of a vehicle in front of their home on Rex Circle.

Paige Turner said a surveillance camera on her home caught the vague outline of a vehicle, possibly a minivan, driving past her home at 6 a.m. and someone tossing out the two 2-year old Yorkies. She said one of the dogs was unharmed but the other sustained a broken leg when it was run over by the vehicle.

She said she took the dogs to a veterinarian but they could not find anything to identify an owner for the dogs. She also called Clayton County police to report the incident.

Turner named the dogs Chloe and Zoie. Chloe is the one with the broken leg.

“The Yorkies weigh about four to five pounds each and they just threw them out of the car,” Turner said.

Turner and her husband, Randy Hewell, quickly put out a call on Facebook for assistance in helping Chloe. She said the cost for an operation to have Chloe’s leg fixed would run about $800, and she and her husband don’t have the money to cover the medical expenses.

“If I had the money, I would pay for it in a heartbeat, but I don’t,” Turner said. She said she and her husband already care for three rescue dogs and they want to adopt at least the uninjured Yorkie.

But, within hours, Turner and Hewell’s family came to the rescue.

“Our daughter has a farm down in Jackson, and she has offered to take care of Chloe for us,” Turner said. “Our son-in-law is going to come up to get her, and he’s going to take her to get her leg fixed.”

Anyone who may have seen Chloe and Zoie being thrown from the vehicle can call Clayton County police at (770)477-3747.