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Clayton State online program ranked nationally

Clayton State University’s online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) program is ranked as one of the top 20 country in the country, according to the education web site

John Shiffert, director of university relations, said is a consumer group that rates, ranks and verifies the cost and credibility of online colleges and online universities. He said the web site also ranked the University System of Georgia’s (USG) WebBSIT program 16th in the nation, out of 88 online degree programs.

“Clayton State is a member institution in the USG WebBSIT consortium,” said Shiffert. “The rankings are for the best IT bachelor degrees based on affordability.”

According to the web site, the online bachelor degree affordability rankings were calculated by comparing tuition and distance learning fees at 43 regionally accredited universities in the U.S that offer 88 online degrees in the major areas of IT, computers, computer science, computer programming, computer information systems, web development, technology management and allied IT career fields.

“This is a ranking of the least expensive online bachelors. Colleges do not pay to be included in these online college affordability rankings,” said Shiffert.

He said Clayton State College of Information and Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) faculty members, Larry Booth and Sandra Jones, are regular instructors in the WebBSIT program.

“Booth is the coordinator/advisor for Clayton State’s students,” said Shiffert. “Dr. Byron Jeff, chair of the CIMS Department of Information Technology, is a member of the WebBSIT Operating Board and CIMS Dean, and Dr. Lila F. Roberts serves on the Governing Board for WebBSIT.”

Shiffert said the Clayton State University BSIT program is taught through the College of Information and Mathematical Sciences. He added that the program is known for its quality, affordability, and commitment to student service.

“The program was started to meet the needs of busy professionals who saw the benefits of continuing their education, but knew it would be tough to juggle careers and family responsibilities with a standard class schedule,” said Shiffert.

To learn more about the Georgia WebBSIT program at Clayton State University, visit


spencerid 2 years, 5 months ago

This online program it's a huge success for the Clayton State School. It wasn't easy but with the right people, students and teachers, and with the right hardware and software , everything is possible. Using the tools from for their network protection was a good decision.


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