Jury convicts man in 2009 murder

After hearing several days of testimony, a Clayton County Superior Court jury convicted an Ellenwood man in a home invasion that ended with the death of a young mother.

The jury convicted Eric Tramaine Heard, 35, of most of the 32 counts against him, including multiple charges of aggravated assault and murder. Sitting between his two attorneys, Heard bowed his head after the verdict was read, but displayed no other emotions.

Chief Judge Deborah Benefield delayed sentencing in the case. Heard remains in the Clayton County Jail. The case was prosecuted by Clayton County Executive Assistant District Attorney Jason Green.

The jury believed Heard burst into the College Park home of Shereeka Pitts, 22, on July 29, 2009, and shot her in the stomach. Pitts shared the home with her two small children, and her sister, Lachauda Pitts, who helped with baby-sitting. No one else was hurt.

Lachauda Pitts testified, Tuesday, that Heard and another man broke into the house and demanded money. Pitts said she and her sister headed to the garage to get away from the men, but Heard stopped her.

“I heard Eric say, ‘If you move, I’ll blow your [expletive] head off,” she said from the stand. Lachauda Pitts also testified that the two men kept demanding money, but she had no idea there was money inside the house.

“He pushed her into the closet and shot her,” she said. “He kept saying, ‘Find the money,’ but he didn’t give her a chance or nothing. He just shot her.”

Co-defendant Shakeel Jamaal Frazier faces similar charges in a separate trial.