With the discontinuation of the Tuesday and Thursday editions of the Clayton News Daily and Henry Daily Herald, some of the content, features and advertisements you are used to finding in a certain spot, may be moving to new homes.

To help you navigate your way around our reconfigured newspapers, as we begin printing three days a week –– Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays –– here is a simple guide to some of the changes.

But remember, you will still be able to access our web sites, and mobile sites around the clock, so you can keep abreast of the news and information you need.

Each edition will now contain two sections — the A-Section and the Living Section.

News and Features Content:

• The Crossword puzzle page, with items such as SUDOKU, People in the News, and Today in History, moves to the Living Section.

• The TV schedules will now be printed in the Living Section each day.

• The Financial page, normally found in the Henry Daily Herald on Thursday, will now appear in the Friday edition of the Henry Daily Herald’s Living Section.

• Relish, normally found in the papers, on the first Thursday of each month, will now appear the second Wednesday of the month.

• The Comics page, which includes Horoscopes, Dr. Donohue’s health column, and Dear Abby, moves to the Living Section.

• The popular Coupon Queen column will move to the Living Section, but will still be published on Wednesday.

• Community Datebook and Faith Notes will move to the Living Section on the days they are published.


• Publix will now appear in the Wednesday edition, both the Sales Guide and the Thursday Mystery Coupon.

• Kohl’s Sales Guides, which were found in Tuesday’s edition, will now be in the Wednesday edition. Those that were in Thursday’s edition, will now be in Friday’s.

• Classified Ads will be found in the A-section.

–– The Editors