Saysanit convicted of aggravated assault in Henry

A Gwinnett County man will spend the next 15 years behind bars, after being found guilty of assaulting several people in Henry County during a fracas that left one man dead.

Raymond Saysanit, of Lawrenceville, was convicted of seven counts of aggravated assault, Friday. Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero sentenced Saysanit to 20 years on each count, with 15 to serve, concurrently, in prison.

Saysanit was found not guilty of felony murder, and malice murder, in the death of Joseph Wells, of Griffin.

“The judge had given a lesser-included charge of voluntary manslaughter, and [the jury] found him not guilty of voluntary manslaughter,” said Henry County Senior Assistant District Attorney Jim Wright. “But, they found him guilty of aggravated assault on the ... victim.”

Wells was killed while visiting a home at 116 Tye St., in Stockbridge, on Oct. 18, 2009.

Wright said the defendant was also found guilty of aggravated assault on the occupants of the home, who were: Crystal Hulsey, Donnie Ellenburg, Olivia Williamson, Jason Brown, Carole Ann Noschese, Rebekah Adkins and Brittany Kale.

“We are satisfied with the verdict that the jury reached in this case, based on the evidence that they had heard,” said Wright. “We recognize it was a difficult case, evidence-wise, to have to sit through.”

Authorities determined that the shot that killed Wells was fired by Saysanit’s former co-defendant, Neil Eugene Armistead, of Stockbridge.

Armistead, on Monday, entered a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter and seven counts of aggravated assault. Judge Amero sentenced him to 20 years in prison, with 14 years to serve.

— Staff writer Elaine Rackley contributed to this article