First-year student honor society coming to Clayton State

Alpha Lambda Delta is installing a chapter at Clayton State University next month, and 44 charter members will be inducted into the national honor society for first-year students. CSU is now one of 14 schools in the state with a chapter, according to John Shiffert, the school’s director of university relations.

Shiffert said Dr. Glenda Earwood, the national society’s executive director, will install the Clayton State chapter on Tuesday, April 10, at 7 p.m., in the ballroom of the Student Activities Center.

“Clayton State President Dr. Thomas J. Hynes and other academic officials will be installed as honorary members as well,” Shiffert said.

Membership in Alpha Lambda Delta is open to full-time freshmen who earn a scholastic average of 3.5 or better at a four-year college or university, said Shiffert.

Alpha Lambda Delta emphasizes that educated persons “have a responsibility to have tolerance in [their] dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others,” Earwood said in a widely circulated statement, which includes that members are challenged to make a “meaningful contribution to society.”

Founded in the spring of 1924, at the University of Illinois by Dean Maria Leonard, Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes and encourages academic excellence.

“Today, Alpha Lambda Delta has more than 270 chapters throughout the United States and more than 850,000 students have been initiated into membership since the first chapter was started over 85 years ago,” Shiffert said.

For more information about Clayton State’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students, visit the chapter’s website at www.clayton.edu/fyarc/alphalambdadelta or contact the chapter’s advisor, Marcia Bouyea-Hamlet at (678) 466-4088, or marciabouyea-hamlet@clayton.edu.