Georgia Power will haul off your old fridge — and pay you

Thinking of replacing your old refrigerator or freezer?

If it’s empty and working, and you’re a Georgia Power customer, Georgia Power may haul it away for you — and pay you $35, to boot.

Hauling off old refrigerators and freezers is part of the company’s EarthCents program, designed to help its customers save money on energy bills, in this case by making it easy to swap older refrigerators for newer, more energy-efficient models.

“We’re seeing more and more of our customers take advantage of our EarthCents refrigerator recycling program,” said Angela Strickland, Georgia Power’s director of energy efficiency.

Demand has been so great, she added, that Georgia Power had to move the program to a larger recycling facility in Tucker, just to accommodate it.

Thus far, more than 23,000 refrigerators and freezers have been recycled for their metals and plastics, which may end up in anything from aluminum cans to cell phones.

Pickups are typically scheduled a week ahead, with a $35 check arriving in the mail a few weeks later.

A refrigerator or freezer can be removed from inside a home as long as there’s a clear path to carry it out, according to the company.

Georgia Power customers can schedule the pickup — usually about a week in advance — and learn if they qualify, by calling 1-866-446-9250, or by visiting georgiapower.com/refrigerator.

— Jim Massara