Attorney asks judge to dismiss TPO

Tommy Thompson (left) and Riverdale attorney Loletha Hale

Tommy Thompson (left) and Riverdale attorney Loletha Hale

A Riverdale attorney charged with making terroristic threats against her client’s estranged husband, has asked for, and received, a dismissal of her request for a Temporary Protective Order (TPO).

Loletha Denise Hale appeared before Henry County Superior Court Judge Wade Crumbley in response to her request involving Tommy Thompson.

She represents Thompson’s estranged wife, Patricia, in divorce proceedings.

Hale was arrested, Monday, following a hearing before Henry County State Court Judge Jason Harper. She bonded out of the Henry County Jail, the same day.

Witnesses testified that Hale had, earlier, threatened Tommy Thompson in Judge Amero’s courtroom.

Hale threatened “to commit a crime of violence to the person of Tommy Thompson ... when she stated in front of several witnesses that ‘if he came near her, she would kill him’ and ‘if she saw him on the street, she would put a bullet in his head,’ ” according the warrant signed for her arrest.

Thompson’s attorney, William West, said Hale knew what she was doing when she allegedly threatened Thompson, and called for Hale’s arrest. Hale countered that, instead, Thompson should be arrested. She alleges that Thompson made a fist, and asked her if she was scared, and called her “a b---h,” before the scheduled divorce proceedings began.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the General Council for the State Bar of Georgia, Paula Frederick, said Hale is flirting with sanctions, if the charges against her are upheld.

“If she is convicted, then we would look at whether she has violated our rules of professional conduct, in what would either be a felony, or a misdemeanor, involving moral turpitude,” said Frederick. “If she is convicted, we would bring an ethics complaint against her. If she is convicted of a felony, we would ask the Supreme Court of Georgia to disbar her.”

Once the TPO request was granted, Hale said in an interview with the Henry Daily Herald:

“I just want to add that I am not interested in becoming a judge, nor politician. I think that’s where a lot of this stems from. Some people feel like if you are passionate about your work, then, there must be an ulterior motive. I have none. But I am just simply satisfied in representing my clients.”