Henry, Clayton projects on transportation referendum list


In addition to the $193,000,000 to be raised over 10 years for countywide transportation projects, each of Henry’s cities will receive funds for their local transportation priorities:

$208,013 — Hampton

$254,592 — Locust Grove

$492,521 — McDonough

$478,028 — Stockbridge

$6,036,768 — Unincorporated

Henry County’s regional projects

$44 million — US23/SR42 from SR138 to SR 155 Road Widening

$48 million — SR155 (North McDonough Road) from Bill Gardner Parkway to Racetrack Road - Phase 1 Road Widening

$27 million — Bill Gardner Parkway from SR155 (North McDonough Road) to I-75 South- Road Widening

$11 million — SR SR20/81(Hampton St./Keys Ferry Road) from Jonesboro Road at Norforlk Southern Railroad to Lemon Street - Extension and Upgrade of One-way pair through McDonough

$17 million — Western Parallel Connector from Hudson Bridge Road to SR 920 (Jonesboro Road) - New alignment

$19 million — I-75 south at Bill Gardner Parkway - interchange improvements.

$27 million — SR 81 (Keys Road) from Lemon Street to Bethany Road - Road Widening

Residents in the Southern Crescent soon will have an opportunity to make their voices heard on a number of planned transportation projects in metropolitan Atlanta.

A vote on a Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (T-SPLOST) is set for July 31, in a 10-county region which includes Henry and Clayton counties, as part of the Transportation Investment Act of 2010. If the measure passes, a 1-cent sales tax would be imposed on the region to fund $6.14 billion in transportation projects over the next 10 years.

“Henry County will also receive 15 percent of the funds raised within our community for a list of local projects,” according to the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network (MAVEN), a non-partisan organization geared toward informing the public about the T-SPLOST referendum.

The agency’s spokesman, Bert Brantley, emphasizes he takes no position on the measure, but works to get exact information about what’s at stake in the referendum vote.

“This local investment will provide more than $78 million over 10 years for local projects like intersection improvements, repaving, improved signal timing, and sidewalks. This is over and above the $279 million investment provided for an approved list of seven projects.

Road resurfacing, dirt road improvements, intersection improvements, bridge repair and replacements, pedestrian and sidewalk improvements, are among the items scheduled for Henry County.

All cities in Henry County — McDonough, Stockbridge, Locust Grove, and Hampton — will share in T-SPLOST funds generated.


Clayton’s 10-year, $61.9 million local allocation will go to supplement transportation budgets throughout the county.

$3,554,100 — College Park

$4,043,050 — Forest Park

$1,384,620 — Jonesboro

$943,730 — Lake City

$620,970 — Lovejoy

$1,607,550 — Morrow

$2,897,030 — Riverdale

$50,409,450 — Unincorporated

Clayton County’s regional projects

$20 million — Atlanta to Griffin Commuter Rail

$28.5 million — Widening Conley Road from I-285 to Jonesboro Road

$15 million — New alignment of Jonesboro Connector from Tara Boulevard to Lake Jodeco Road

$100 million — Clayton County Local Bus/Fixed Route Transit Service Transit South Subregion Clayton

$8.1 million — Widening Fayetteville Road from McDonough Road to Tara Boulevard

$17.2 million — Widening S.R. 85 from Adams Drive to I-75 South

$22.2 million — Widening S.R. 85 from Pointe South Parkway to Roberts Drive

$102.17 million — Super Arterial Concept Roadway at Tara Boulevard from I-75 South to Battle Creek Road

“There are some critical Clayton projects included in the referendum,” said Brantley. “A couple of the major ones are restarting C-Tran, and additional money towards the commuter rail line that has been talked about for years.”

He said another major project is planned for Clayton on the TIA list, at Tara Boulevard, also known as U.S. Highway 19/41.

“Essentially, it will be almost like an interstate with side roads that connect to all the local streets,” said Brantley. “The theory is to get people making local trips onto the side streets and people going longer distances on 19/41.”

Plans call for a super arterial concept roadway at Tara Boulevard from I-75 south to Battle Creek Road, with multiple grade separations and limited-access highway locations.

“It is envisioned that the project will provide two-lane parallel access roads on the east and west sides of the limited access highway,” according to a brochure distributed by MAVEN. “The arterial and access roads will be connected with a collector/distributor (C/D) system. Some east-west cross streets will be grade separated with others connected into the C/D system.”


OscarKnight 3 years, 1 month ago

.........NO, NO, NO......Clayton County will never use this or show any profit from this scam. It might work on the North Side of Atlanta, but not in Clayton County.

......Why pay for something that we don't need in our county ?

.....We sure don't need anymore taxes !!!


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