Drivin’ N Cryin’ headlining McDonough’s Geranium Jam

Special Photo
Drivin’ N Cryin’, an Atlanta-based band, will take the stage in McDonough, Saturday, for the Geranium Jam.

Special Photo Drivin’ N Cryin’, an Atlanta-based band, will take the stage in McDonough, Saturday, for the Geranium Jam.

Drivin’ N Cryin’ lead singer, Kevn Kinney, said he is looking forward to coming to McDonough this weekend for a first-ever Geranium Jam concert, to close out the city’s Geranium Festival.

“It’s our first big show in McDonough,” he said. “In our early days, we toured the United States and Europe, but we never toured the small towns in Georgia.”

Kinney and his Atlanta-based band will headline the inaugural Geranium Jam, Saturday, at Alexander Park. The 12.2-acre park is located across Atlanta Street (Highway 42) from Los Avina Restaurant, but within walking distance of the Square in McDonough. The concert will begin at 5 p.m., with additional performances by Highway 55, and Bogey & the Viceroy.

Tickets are available in advance for $15, at the McDonough Welcome Center through Saturday, at 5 p.m., and $20 at the gate. Children, 12 and under, will be admitted free. VIP tables are sold out for the Geranium Jam.

Kinney co-founded Drivin’ N Cryin’ in 1985, with bassist Tim Nielsen. The four-man band also includes guitarist Sadler Vaden, and drummer Dave V. Johnson.

Together, the group has achieved success with hits, including their album, “Fly Me Courageous,” which earned them a gold record in 1992. Kinney said he and his band mates are preparing to release a new compilation, entitled “Songs From the Laundromat,” next month.

“We’ve been touring 25 years,” said Kinney. “What we’re trying to do is play every town in Georgia.”

Kinney described Drivin’ N Cryin’ as a “working-class, blue-collar band,” with influences such as Led Zeppelin and R.E.M. He said audiences can expect to hear songs which are tailored to their musical tastes.

“We never play the same set twice,” said Kinney. “We always have a new show. We kind of look at the audience and decide what to play. Every show is a little bit different.

“I love to play,” he continued. “That’s why we play a different show every night. It keeps me interested. I’ve never gone more than 30 days without doing a show, in 25 years.”

The Geranium Jam is being sponsored by the McDonough Hospitality & Tourism Board, and the Main Street McDonough Program. The city’s Tourism Director, Jennifer Price, said she is excited to bring the event to the area as a way to capitalize on the crowds generated by the festival.

“We have over 25,000 people who come into the downtown McDonough Square for the Geranium Festival, from 9 a.m., to 5 p.m,” said Price. “Our goal is to keep those 25,000 people within downtown McDonough, for the community to benefit as a whole.”

Price added that an appearance by Drivin’ N Cryin’ will be “huge.”

“We have never had a band like Drivin’ N Cryin’, that is nationally recognized, play in downtown McDonough,” Price added. “We wanted to close it out with a bang, and that’s why we went with Drivin’ N Cryin’.”