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Police search for two teens in Hampton

Last seen together near Luella Middle

Missing teens Mytasia Anaya Dormevil (left) and Alana Gray.

Missing teens Mytasia Anaya Dormevil (left) and Alana Gray.

Police are looking for two Hampton teenage girls who have been missing since Tuesday.

The youngsters reported missing are Mytasia Anaya Dormevil and Alana Gray. Both of the 15-year-olds were last seen running toward the woods near Luella Middle School in Locust Grove, according to relatives.

“Neither of them has a cell phone, nor has either updated any information on their Facebook pages. They also have not had any contact with any classmates,” said Hampton Police Capt. Derrick Austin.

One of the missing girls, Mytasia, is a special-needs student at Mainstay Academy in Stockbridge, and could be mistaken for an adult because of her outgoing personality, said her stepmother, Stalinda Knolden. “Her friends that she attends school with are aware of her disorder. [Her stepmother said the youngster is bipolar.] I’m not sure about the girl that she was last seen with knows of her disorder,” said her stepmother.

The other missing girl, Alana, is a student at Luella High School. “She has had asthma since she was born,” said her mother, Crystal Johnson. “Alana is shy, and not an outdoors person. She said her daughter needs her medication if she is either too hot, or too cold.

Both parents said they have learned the girls left home with a change of clothing.

“Mystasia has only been with us for a month, she just returned from New Jersey. She has run away from her mother’s home in New Brunswick, N.J., several times. Prior to living with her mother, she stayed with us for about seven to eight months without ever running away, or getting into any kind of trouble,” said Knolden.

Alana has never run away from home before, her mother said.

“Alana has been getting in trouble lately, by not wanting to go to school, and I don’t know what the reason is behind this,” Johnson said. “I think it’s bad influences, bad choices of people she is hanging with.

“I want my daughter to know her family loves her, and wants her to come home, and not to worry about being in trouble. We want you home safe. We are not going to stop looking for you until we find you.”

Police described Dormevil as 5 feet 6 inches tall, and weighing 180 pounds. Her eyes are brown and she has short brown hair. Dormevil was last seen wearing a blue and white-striped shirt, with pink/purple sweat pants, and blue slip-on shoes.

Police said Gray as 5 feet 3, and weighing 175 pounds. Her eyes are brown and her hair is light brown, with gold highlights. She was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, with pink leopard print pajama pants.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of either teenager are asked to call 911, or the Hampton Police Department at (770) 946-4513.