Clayton State University’s Ludley retires

 Clayton State University, Professor of English and Art History, Dr. David Ludley, retires after 36 years.

Clayton State University, Professor of English and Art History, Dr. David Ludley, retires after 36 years.

After dedicating 36 years to Clayton State University, Professor of English and Art History Dr. David Ludley, has decided to retire.

“I love teaching and I’ve had 36 years of it here at Clayton State,” said Ludley. “Although I love teaching, I now look forward to having time to finally focus on what talents I have in painting and in writing.”

Ludley said he has a few novels and several poems under development. “It’s time to pursue some other things I love: writing, painting, hiking, traveling, maybe even flying in a yellow biplane,” he said. “It’s an open door. And I can’t wait to see what’s on the other side.

John Shiffert, director of university relations, said he retires as Clayton State’s second-in-seniority faculty member — behind Professor of Chemistry Dr. Jim Braun. “It is certainly true that generations of Clayton State students have benefited from Ludley’s talents in the classroom,” said Shiffert. “It’s been a relationship cherished by all parties.”

Ludley was formally recognized by Clayton State President Dr. Thomas J. Hynes and Clayton State Provost Dr. Micheal Crafton, at Ludley’s recent retirement party.

“I am grateful every time some old student yells at me in some parking lot, ‘Hey, you’re Professor Ludley, right?! You were my teacher’ And I love to hear them follow up with comments about how much art now means to them,” said Ludley.

Shiffert said Ludley’s success in the classroom was also recognized by the university, since he was a finalist for the Alice Smith Faculty Award, and the Teacher of the Year Award in 2007, 2005, 2002 and 1999. Shiffert said during Ludley’s career at Clayton State, he was a very active part of the university’s Study Abroad program, and a dedicated researcher.

“Indeed, as he leaves Clayton State, he remarks that his teaching and research abroad were very important to him,” Shiffert said.

Some of Ludley’s highlights include:

In 1998, receiving a Chancellor’s Award to travel on a University System of Georgia (USG) Study Abroad Campus Development Trip to Greece, to help set up the future Study Abroad Program;

In the summer of 1999, being chosen to represent USG as the Art Historian teaching at the Roehampton Campus in London;

In 2000, being honored with his first Fulbright Scholar Award, and traveling to Egypt and Israel for five weeks of research. Closer to home, Ludley said he has also been honored by the seven commissions he was awarded from the High Museum of Art to speak in their auditoriums.

“Ludley’s contributions to education at Clayton State have been many in both of his fields of expertise, and have included being a part of the graduate faculty and developing the first graduate art courses,” said Shiffert. “He has also served as the art area coordinator for the Department of Visual and Performing Arts for the past few years.” He added on the literary side, Ludley was the first senior editor of the student literary journal, Cygnet.

“Outside of the academic arena, Ludley was elected by the Clayton State faculty to serve on the Clayton State University Foundation Board of Trustees in 2009,” he said.

Ludley holds a B.A. (English Major, Art Minor) and M.A. (English) from Illinois State University. He received his Ph.D. in Art History and English from the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University in 1981. A member of a teaching family — his father and mother were both teachers, as was his sister and brother — Ludley was an administrator at Triton College in Chicago prior to coming Clayton State, in September 1976.