Pets of the Week - Chrissy

Chrissy is a 2-3 year old tortie Domestic Shorthair. Chrissy has been spayed and fully vetted. Chrissy had been hanging out around the CCHS shelter for an extended period of time, and staff had been trying to keep an eye on her, feed her, and hopefully, to gain her trust. Chrissy was having none of it, and we all believed her to be feral.

Then it became obvious that Chrissy had found herself a boyfriend, and babies were clearly on the way! Fearing the many dangers that these newborn kittens could face, if born and raised outside, it was decided that a humane trap was going to be the next step.

Very quickly, Chrissy took the bait, and we had ourselves a new, and very pregnant cat. Within 24 hours, Chrissy's new babies were born! As the story has been told here so many times in the past, the babies all got adopted fairly quickly, and Chrissy was left behind. We are thrilled to be able to say that Miss Chrissy turned out to be very, very tame and easy to handle.

The problem has been that the other cats at the shelter absolutely terrify her, and she won't come out of her cage. She is very friendly and loving, and she wants attention, but the she just can't seem to overcome her fear of the other cats roaming free in the cat room.

Chrissy needs a quiet, adult home, and we even believe that she would be okay with a couple of other cats.....just not the massive numbers she has to contend with at our shelter.

For more information about how to adopt Chrissy, please call Robin at 770-478-7531.

Because she is considered a "cage cat", a special adoption fee is in place for anyone qualifying for her adoption.

To see many other adoptable CCHS animals, please visit our Petfinder pages at www.petfinder.com and use our 30236 zip code for your search.