Candidates qualify for local, federal elections

Seven people, including a former Clayton County sheriff, signed up this week to unseat current Sheriff Kem Kimbrough, during candidate qualifying for this summer’s state primary election.

In what could likely be a heated race, Kimbrough and his predecessor Victor, Hill, will face off in a race that will also include Clayton County District Attorney’s Office Investigator Jon Antoine, Clayton County Police Lt. Tina Daniel, and former Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputies Lawrence Etheridge, Godreque “Dreq” Newsom, Ricky Redding, and Rica Wright.

The sheriff’s race is one of 15 contested races in which Clayton County voters will cast ballots in this summer. The other contested races include: U.S. House of Representatives District 5 and 13; State Senate District 44; State House of Representatives Districts 60, 63, 74, 75, 76, 77 and 78; Clayton County Commission chairman and Commission Districts 2 and 3, and county district attorney.

U.S. House of Representatives

District 5 — John Lewis (D) (Incumbent), 72, U.S. Representative; Michael Johnson (D), 43, former Fulton County Superior Court judge; Howard Stopeck (R), 73, retired attorney.

District 13 — David Scott (D) (Incumbent), 66, Chief Executive Officer, Dayn-Mark Advertising Agency; Shahid Malik (R), 63, businessman.

State Senator

District 34 — Valencia Seay (D) (Incumbent), 58, Legislator

District 44 — Gail Davenport (D) (Incumbent), 63, Realtor; Gail Buckner (D), 61, Communications Marketing/Former state legislator; Marcus E. Davis (D), 39, minister.

State House of Representatives

District 60 — Keisha Sean Waites (D) (Incumbent), 39, emergency manager; Gary Davis (D), 36, No employment information provided; William Fisher (D), 45, investment banker; Antonio Lewis (D), 25, consultant; LaTrenka R. Riley (D), 50, business owner.

District 63 — T.J. Copeland (D), 31, teacher, Fulton County Schools; Ronald Mabra (D), 34, attorney; Linda Pritchett (D), 42, paralegal.

District 74 — Charles Davis (D), 63, Retired Atlanta Public Schools teacher; Valencia Stovall (D), 42, Owner, Stovall Enterprises.

District 75 — Yasmin Neal (D) (Incumbent), 27, Clayton County Police Officer; Mike Glanton (D), 54, minister.

District 76 — Sandra Scott (D) (Incumbent), 50, educator; Jeffery Benoit (D), 53, retiree; Kim Cox Owens (D), 38, real estate broker.

District 77 — Darryl Jordan (D) (Incumbent), 57, retired educator; Kevin Thomas (D), 46, College Park firefighter/paramedic.

District 78 — Glenn Baker (D) (Incumbent), 65, retired Georgia Power employee; Demetrius Douglas (D), 44, real estate wholesaler.

Clayton County Board of Commissioners

Chairman — Eldrin Bell (D) (Incumbent), 76, County Commission Chairman; Roberta Abdul-Salaam (D), 56, Community Advocate/State Representative; Jeff Turner (D), 48, educator, ITT Technical Institute

District 2 — Gail Hambrick (D) (Incumbent), 62, County Commissioner; Thomas Houston (D), 34, brand manager, Richards Group; Lisa Tinch (D), community advocate.

District 3 — Wole Ralph (D) (Incumbent), 34, County Commissioner; Ronald Ringer (D), 56; Shana Rooks (D), 37, attorney.

Sheriff — Kem Kimbrough (D) (Incumbent), 40, sheriff; Jon Antoine (D), 40, investigator, Clayton County District Attorney’s Office; Tina Daniel (D), 46, lieutenant, Clayton County Police Department; Lawrence Etheridge (D), 44, interim Criminal Justice Program chairman, Everest Institute; Victor Hill (D), 47, former Clayton County Sheriff; Godreque “Dreq” Newsom (D), 42, entrepreneur/former Clayton County Sheriff’s lieutenant; Ricky Redding (D), 46, former Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy; Rica Wright (D), former Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy.

District Attorney — Tracy Graham Lawson (D) (Incumbent), 53, Clayton County District Attorney; Leslie Miller Terry (D), 52, Assistant District Attorney, DeKalb County.

Solicitor General — Tasha Mosley (D) (Incumbent), 41, Solicitor General.

Tax Commissioner — Terry Baskin (D) (Incumbent), 54, Tax Commissioner.

Clerk of Superior Court — Jacquline Wills (D) (Incumbent), 51, Clerk of Superior Court/Magistrate Court.

Chief Magistrate Court Judge — Daphne Walker (D) (Incumbent), 40, Chief Magistrate Court judge.

Probate Court Judge — Pamela Ferguson (D) (Incumbent), 48, Probate Court judge.

State Court Judge (Non-partisan) — Linda Cowen (Incumbent); Morris Braswell (Incumbent); Aaron Mason (Incumbent).

Superior Court Judge, Clayton Circuit (Non-partisan) — Deborah C. Benefield (Incumbent), 55; Matthew O. Simmons (Incumbent), 55.


OscarKnight 3 years, 6 months ago

..... .....We have some good candidates running in our county, but, the downside is, those good candidates are far outnumbered by nothing but self serving opportunists, flim flam artists, and shady self promoting self righteous bottom feeders.


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