Forest Park official in Sista’ Soldiers film

Sparkle Adams uses military experience in political career

Sparkle Adams

Sparkle Adams

FOREST PARK — A Forest Park city official was recently featured in a national military documentary.

Forest Park Mayor Pro-Tem Sparkle Adams attended a special film screening of Sista’ Soldiers, held Saturday, at the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History located in Atlanta.

“I enjoyed listening to other soldiers talk about their careers in the documentary,” said Adams. “Watching myself on the big screen, reflecting on my military career was a highlight for me.”

Adams said she joined the Air Force in 1975 as an air traffic controller. Later in 1981, she joined the Air Force Reserve and served until April 2006.

“Throughout my military service, I was able to serve my country as well as my fellow military members,” she said. “The education and experience that I gained I am now able to use it in the civilian sector.”

The Auburn Avenue Research Library hosted the documentary in recognition of the 2012 Black History Theme, “Black Women in American Culture and History.”

The film was directed by Yvette M. Jackson, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. Sista’ Soldiers showcases the plight of African-American women in a traditionally male environment and how their motivation, courage, and determination have broken down barriers and contributed to their longevity in the armed forces.

“The documentary talked about the history of using African-American women in the military,” Adams said. “It talked about female soldiers, past and present.”

She said the film acknowledged Harriet Tubman, an abolitionist, humanitarian, as a Union spy during the American Civil War.

“Although she didn’t wear a uniform, she worked for the Union Army undercover,” she added. “That is history that we never talk about, her role in the military.”


OscarKnight 3 years ago

...In my Opinion; Sparky would be much happier on "Auburn Avenue"


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