Kemp Primary celebrate Veterans Day

— Kemp Primary School will hold its second annual Veterans Day Program in honor of the county’s former and current military personnel from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m Monday, Nov. 12. The program will be in the school’s gymnasium. 

Alma Williams, the school’s parent liaison, and Julianna Finkley, media specialist, are in charge of the celebratory occasion.

“Teachers are talking to students in their classrooms about soldiers, the military, and the reasons that we honor our veterans,” Williams said. “Students will already know about the significance of the day and its impact on military families and the community.”

Williams said the program could have been held on Sunday – the actual day that veterans are being celebrated throughout the nation – “but we want to show our appreciation on Monday with our students.”

Highlights will include performances by the 80-member singing pandas chorus, Mundy’s Mill High School Marching Band, and a special recognition of veterans, including some who will speak briefly to the students.

The program will include a segment in which veterans, community members, students, and others in the audience will be invited to stand up if they are related to a veteran.

Light refreshments will be available for veterans and spouses immediately after the program.

The public, especially those members that have served in the military, is encouraged to attend the recognition program.