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Man accused of dragging, kidnapping girlfriend

Toddlers witness incident

Jamon Lee

Jamon Lee

MORROW — A man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend.

According to Clayton County Police, Jamon Martel Lee dragged his then live-in girlfriend, Nabreshia Mikell, 18 feet from an apartment at 6001 Trammell Road in Morrow.

The incident took place Oct. 17, in front of two toddlers, according to the police.

Police officer J.K. Nicholson Sr., said Lee intentionally and knowingly allowed a 1-year-old and a 4-year-old to watch him drag their mother, Mikell, on the ground and through their home. Nicholson said the toddlers were awake and crying during the incident. The officer added he saw Mikell’s peeled skin as a result of being dragged.

“Said defendant did without lawful authority, steal away Mikell by grabbing her by the right wrist and drug her approximately 18 feet on the ground through their family residence from the children’s bedroom and down the hallway against her will ,” according to the arrest warrant. “Mikell was able to break free from the accused grip, after which she ran down the street and called 911.”

Lee, 19, is charged with two counts of kidnapping, two counts of cruelty to children and battery.


MD 3 years ago

Again, some violent folks living here.


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