Man jailed after alleged violent attack

Witnesses say he pointed loaded gun at victim

Maceo Williams

Maceo Williams

RIVERDALE — Punches in the face and a shot in the air landed one man in jail.

Clayton County Police arrested Maceo Williams Thursday, after he allegedly hit Roderick Taylor, instigating a fight between the two.

Police said the incident occurred Nov. 11, outside of a home located in the 6000 block of Wellesley Drive in Riverdale.

Witnesses told police that Williams, 42, intentionally caused physical harm to Taylor by punching him several times in the face during an argument, according to Clayton Police officer C.D. Smith in the arrest warrant.

Smith said following the fight, Williams went to his white Dodge truck to get a gun and allegedly pointed it at Taylor.

“Williams then pointed the hand gun toward the sky and discharged one round while standing in the middle of the street,” Smith said in the warrant.

Police said Williams then used his truck in attempt to run over Taylor.

“Williams did get into his truck and drive toward the victim causing him to jump out of the way by fear of being struck and injured by Williams,” Smith added.

Williams is charged with aggravated assault, battery, and discharging a firearm near a highway.