Alleged fight with roommate lands man in jail

Demetrius Hadley

Demetrius Hadley

JONESBORO— A man accused of beating and kidnapping his roommate was arrested Wednesday.

Clayton County police charged Demetrius Hadley with battery, aggravated assault, simple assault and kidnapping.

The incident took place Sunday at 906 Summerwind Drive in Jonesboro, according to the arrest warrant for Hadley.

Clayton officer J. Carr alleged Hadley was arguing with Emily Choate and as she attempted to leave, he came behind her and started choking her with his hands.

“The suspect then shoved Ms. Choate to the floor, placed his foot across her throat, choking her, and stated that he was going to break her neck and kill her,” Carr said in the warrant.

Carr said Hadley pulled Choate, his roommate, out of his green Honda and told her to “‘shut the [expletive] up and stop making a scene.’”

The officer added Hadley shoved her into the Summerwind Drive apartment and then, “grabbed Ms. Choate by her hair and dragged her from his bedroom to the living room.”

Choate told police that during the argument Hadley hit her, causing injuries.

“Ms. Choate had visible injuries to the right side of her chin,” Carr added. “A small laceration and a large abrasion on the left of her upper chest/neck area. Additionally, she had a knot on her head where her hair was pulled.”

Police took photos of Choate and she supplied them with a written statement of the incident.