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Special pets in need

Humane society promoting ‘senior,’ special needs pet adoptions

Wilma Nace, the shelter manager at the Clayton County Humane Society shelter, plays with Rosemary, a 6-year-old Miniature Pinscher, Tuesday. The shelter is currently letting people adopt “senior” pets, like rosemary, and special needs animals for free.

Wilma Nace, the shelter manager at the Clayton County Humane Society shelter, plays with Rosemary, a 6-year-old Miniature Pinscher, Tuesday. The shelter is currently letting people adopt “senior” pets, like rosemary, and special needs animals for free.

— There is a dachshund named Katie at the Clayton County Humane Society’s shelter who needs a little more care than most dogs might need.

If a dog lover approached Katie from her right side, she would never see that person because she is blind in her right eye.

She wouldn’t hear that person calling her name either because she’s deaf, according to Clayton County Humane Society shelter Manager Wilma Nace.

“Despite all of that, she does well with other dogs so it would benefit her to be adopted by someone who already has a dog or two,” said Nace. “She follows others dogs wherever they go. When they go out, she goes out. When they come in, she also comes in.”

Katie is one of dozens of “senior” and special needs dogs and cats the Humane Society is letting people adopt for free through the end of November in recognition of National Adopt A Senior Pet Month. If she’s not adopted now, dog lovers willing to give her a chance can still adopt her — and any other animal at the shelter — for half of the normal adoption prices through the third week of December, adoption officials said.

However, Humane Society President Michele Bryant said anyone who wants adopt a pet from the shelter through these programs still must undergo the group’s normal review and approval process.

Humane Society officials estimate there are at least a dozen “senior” and special needs dogs at the shelter, and they are not sure how many cats in their care also fall into those categories.

“If we can just find homes for these animals who don’t have a lot of time left in this world, we’d be doing them a great service,” Nace said. “I mean who wants to see their grandmother spend her last years in a shelter?”

It is not uncommon to see pets at the Humane Society shelter who have been there for years. They may have been young and spry when they arrived, but no one has come to adopt them and they’ve grown older and are not as active as they once were.

In the most extreme case, there is one Labrador pit, named “Shadow,” who was came to the shelter when she was a year-and-a-half old.

That was more than nine years ago and she is still at the shelter. “She just turned 11 last week,” said Nace.

There is a beagle named “Sadie” who was already considered a “senior” when she arrived at the shelter four years ago at the age of 9. She is also considered obese because she weighs about 40 pounds, according to Nace.

“She is just a sad dog that deserves to not spend her last years in a shelter,” the shelter manager said.

Then there is Rosemary, 6, a Miniature Pinscher who was found scavenging for food in a Clayton County cemetery nearly two years ago and brought to the Humane Society. Nace said Rosemary was “skin and bones” when she arrived, but has since been nursed to a healthy weight. She is moving up in years while she waits to be adopted. The manager said Rosemary will turn 7 next March.

“She’s super sweet and she’d be a great lap dog for an elderly couple,” said Nace.

The Clayton County Humane Society Shelter is located at 7810 North McDonough St., in Jonesboro. It is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11 a.m., until 1 p.m., and 2 p.m., until 4 p.m.; Saturdays from 11 a.m., until 4 p.m., and Sundays from noon until 4 p.m. A listing of the shelter’s animals available for adoption can be found on by looking under the “30236” zip code.


Michael 3 years ago

Don't get your hopes up about adopting a pet from the Humane Society. I tried to adopt a 7+/- yr old Cocker Spaniel, and was refused, because two neighborhood tom cats that we were feeding, and who we had taken to the vet to be checked out as a way of protecting the health of the cats we already had, were not neutered. They weren't our cats, but that mattered not to the holier than though types at the Humane society. I wouldn't give them the time of day except for the fact that they will euthanize any pets they don't place. .


MD 3 years ago

I had some bad experience with Humane Societies in the past. I admire there work, but they sometimes let there head get too big. They should make it a little bit easier to adopt a pet.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

.....While the topic of Cats has risen to the surface; One year we started to be overrun by rats, for the first time in 35 years, then one day I couldn't help but notice that I haven't seen any cats around our neighborhood.

......The Animal control was catching the cats in traps.

......The Rats was trying to tunnel into the houses.

.....At the same time, We also started to had a snake problem, and I'm not talking about Garter Snakes.

....One day, Two pregnant cats arrived and shortly after that, the Rat & Snake problems vanished.


Michael 3 years ago

OscarKnight, isn't it amazing how much better things work when the Government stays out of the way?


OscarKnight 3 years ago

......Micheal; The Government seems to be too lopsided and unbalanced to do anything right.

.......Without Crime and Stray Animals, many Government Employees would have to begin searching for another line of work. Crime is the bread & butter of this county,


Taylor 3 years ago

Did any of you bother to read the article? The article has nothing to do with Animal Control but please do not let that deter you from making one of your anti-government diatribes. The volunteers at the Humane Society are trying to make this a better community. You might want to quit constantly complaining about everything and get out and do something useful.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

....Taylor; Flattery will get you nowhere.

....Can You Riddle Me This ?

.....Where do you think some of these animals comes from ?

......(A)...City & County Animal Control Agencies.

......(B)...People bring animals in.

.......(C)...Both of the above



OscarKnight 3 years ago

...Tayor; Did you come here just to make a comment about us, or do you have something to contribute to this article ?

.....I adopted my dog "Buddy" this last summer :


OscarKnight 3 years ago

......When my wife's yellow cat was killed, one morning I stopped off at The Clayton County Humane Society for another yellow cat. The only yellow cat that they had was in a litter of kittens, so, I adopted the Mama Cat and her three kittens. The last one lived to be 19 years old.


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