County shaking up recreation fees

Rental fees drop but ‘non-resident’ fees are born

— Clayton County residents will soon see lower rates to rent three pavilions at Clayton County International Park while residents of neighboring counties encounter new “non-resident” recreation fees.

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved several fee changes for the county’s parks and recreation department Tuesday. Commissioners Sonna Singleton and Michael Edmondson were not present for the vote.

The biggest change is the creation of two new fees, targeting “non-residents” participating in summer camp and athletics programs offered by Clayton County Parks and Recreation officials. The new fees will be used as a revenue generator for all county departments because the money will be dumped into the county’s General Fund pot.

“The newly established fees and changes are expected to increase the usage of our facilities during the peak season,” said Clayton County Parks and Recreation Director Detrick Stanford, in a written request to commissioners. “Additionally, [they will] provide fees [so] that we may recoup some revenue from non-county residents, therefore increasing revenue in the General Fund.”

County documents provided to commissioners show the Parks and Recreation Department has a policy of reviewing its fees around the end of each year.

Those same documents show the recreation department plans to implement a weekly summer camp fee for “non-residents” at $80, and a “non-resident” athletics fee at $25.

At the same time, the county will reduce the rental fees at Clayton County International Park’s St. John and St. Martin pavilions from $800 to $500 and at the park’s St. Kitts Pavilion from $700 to $400. A minimum ticket purchase to use pavilions at “The Beach” located at the park is also being eliminated.

A special event fee is being set at $700.

Summer camp participants who live in Clayton County will see their participation fee increase slightly from $50 to $55, and a background check fee of $5 will also be established for athletic programs offered by the county.


OscarKnight 2 years, 7 months ago

.."The Clayton County Board of Commissioners" + "dumped into the county’s General Fund pot"

....If The Clayton County Board of Commissioners wants to dump anything else, how about Dumping Wade Starr from the county payroll.


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