Morrow residents fighting over political leaders

— A fight between Morrow leaders that began with disagreements over permit fees has spread to the city’s residents.

Citizens got into heated arguments with each other over the state of affairs in Morrow’s government during the public comment portion of a city council meeting Tuesday. Tensions flared and residents began addressing each other in raised voices. At times, citizens in the audience shouted at their neighbors who were addressing the city council.

Revelations by Clayton News Daily that the city council likely violated the Georgia’s Open Meetings Act during an executive session held Nov. 5 proved to be the source of the bickering. Citizens were arguing about whether they thought the news reports were accurate.

Read the Friday edition of Clayton News Daily for more information about the growing split between Morrow residents over their elected leaders.


OscarKnight 2 years, 1 month ago

......I wish that more Morrow Residents would post on this Internet Website.


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