Juveniles lead police in Morrow car chase

Alert dispatcher warns officers of same car

Allan Alvarez

Allan Alvarez

MORROW — Morrow Police arrested five suspects who they said led officers on a chase in a stolen vehicle Wednesday, according to Morrow Police Capt. James Callaway.


Thania Ramirez

Police said Allan Alvarez, 17, of East Point, Thania Ramirez, 17, of Hapeville, and three 16-year-old juveniles were arrested.

Callaway said police received a call about a suspicious vehicle at Southlake Mall around 4:30 p.m., Wednesday. There was second call within minutes of the first, about a car stolen from the Target on Mt. Zion Road, he added.

“The caller described the car and it was the same description given to us for the suspicious vehicle at Southlake Mall,” Callaway said. “It was our dispatcher that put two and two together about the car being one in the same.”

The captain said an officer spotted the 1992 Honda Accord at Southlake Mall near Southlake Parkway. The officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Merchant’s Way.

“The driver refused to stop and sped away from our officer,” he added. “The officer called for back-up. There was an officer in the area, and they both began pursuing the suspects.”

Police pursued two adults and three juveniles from the Southlake Mall area to Mt. Zion Road up to Tara Boulevard, where they took a right and headed up to Old Dixie Highway, Callaway said.

“Once they were on the bridge on Old Dixie Highway, they hit another vehicle and continued,” said the captain. “They went up to Morrow Road and headed toward Frontage Road and they took a left onto Bob White Trail. It is a T-bone intersection and they headed straight into the guardrail.”

Callaway said one of the 16-year-old juveniles was driving. Police apprehended all five suspects, without incident or injuries to the suspects or officers.

Alvarez is charged with traffic violation, no license, leaving the scene of an acident, reckless driving, fleeing from police, auto theft and theft by receiving. Ramirez is charged with auto theft and theft by receiving. Both were taken to the Clayton County Jail.

All three juveniles were taken to Clayton County Regional Youth Detention Center.


MD 2 years, 7 months ago

More kids with only "biological" parents. If they had "real" parents, there parents would know where there kids were, and what they were doing.


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