Praise the beer bottle?

Morrow begins Sunday alcohol sales talks

— The City of Morrow may finally join its brethren across Clayton County and call for a referendum on allowing Sunday package alcohol sales next year.

Five cities in the county held Sunday alcohol sales referendums a year ago. The sixth city, Lovejoy, held its own referendum this past spring and a county-wide alcohol sales referendum, for in unincorporated areas of Clayton County, was held Nov. 6.

Morrow is now the only area in Clayton County where packaged alcohol can’t be purchased on Sundays because city leaders have not yet called for a referendum on the issue. Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke said it is time for that to change.

“I’m interested in what the people want and I’d like to get their opinion,” Burke said.

It may be a while before city leaders decide whether to hold a Sunday alcohol sales referendum because officials may first take the time to examine how much money they are losing because of neighboring communities allowing the alcohol sales.

They will have a fair amount of time to make a decision on calling for a referendum because the state only allows for two special election dates, outside of standard primary and general election dates.

“If the council wants to pursue Sunday sales, the earliest you can do [a referendum] is to hold a special election in March,” said City Manager Jeff Eady, as he addressed council members.

The next opportunities for a referendum would be a special election in September, or when municipal elections are held next November.