Good Samaritan rescues pregnant woman after accident

Her car went airborne onto train tracks

MORROW— Morrow police are calling a man who rescued a pregnant woman from her mangled car, a hero.

“He saved her life,” said Morrow police Detective Sgt. Larry Oglesby.

Police are continuing an investigation into the accident which occurred Wednesday, 10 a.m., on Jonesboro Road near I-75 exit 233.

Oglesby said Taneka Grace was driving her Toyota Corolla along I-75 south, when she exited off onto Jonesboro Road.

“When she reached the top of the ramp, she proceeded through the intersection, [and] she struck a Kia Spectra,” he said. “The Toyota went airborne and she flipped her car upside down and landed on the railroad tracks.”

Ogelsby said Grace is four to five months pregnant.

“She was in and out of conciseness so officers were unable to get a lot of information from her,” he said.

Police said Theara Brye, 24, stepped into action by removing Grace from her mangled car.

“He said he has worked as a volunteer firefighter,” Ogelsby said . “He said he saw someone in need and wanted to help.”

The driver of the Kia Spectra, Melissa Stinson, and her passenger, Randolph Baughn were taken to Grady Hospital, where they were treated and released the same day, said Oglesby.

Grace was transported to Atlanta Medical Center, where she remained at press time Friday.

Oglesby said no one involved in the accident has been issued a citation.

“We do not know if speed was a factor, nor do we know if she blacked out or had a seizure while driving,” he said “We are looking into what caused the accident.”