In your Facebook! — Dec. 1

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Will you come to the president of SACS' parent organization explain his concerns about Clayton County schools next month? “SACS schooling in Clayton County’s future”

Chanda Roberts White: “No. As long as the media has a problem with some board members, SACS will continue finding fault with CCSS. There are one or two board members that I am in the fence about, but I am not willing to end the future of thousands of children, thousands of employee's careers, thousands of property owners value, just to get even, just to get my point across. I find that those in deep need of power are willing to destroy anything that other people value or hold to heart. Sad that SACS listens to the media in the metro Atlanta area, but never hears what parents who do not have the ear of media has to say. Poor performing media to only address the negative of the community. See Gwinnett has a media, but they know that focusing on the negative does nothing to move the community forward.”

Tracy Bloom Larson: “Yes, I want to hear what everyone has to say. It is interesting how this complaint was filed as one administration was leaving. We certainly don't need the bad press, nor do we need the depressed housing prices. I still have faith in CCPS! There are great teachers, administrators, and especially students!”

Sheriff of the United States of America: “I am a big fan of home and some private schools over public education which seems to be focused as much on social issues/and ism as education. Educating a child is the respomsibility of the parents, not the govt. At one time the two worked closer together, but now the govt is the parent and getting your kids out while you can is the proper thing to do.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “The odds of moving this county [‘Community’] Forward, would be like a snail dragging a two ton anchor up hill on a five mile gravel road.”

What qualities would you like to see in Clayton County Public Schools' next superintendent? “Superintendent search to begin next week”

Meera Sarin: “Somebody who gives me a chance to work in special needs with the kind of experience that i have.”

Sheriff of the United States of America: “Someone more interested in elevating those who try and work hard, and less about those doing time in the public school prison.”

Chanda Roberts White: “I need someone who can come into the position and work the staff already in place. If this is a true leader, they will be able to communicate effectively with the community and to develop partnerships without bringing in family, friends, confidants! This county needs someone willing to work just as hard without a parachute contract, without expense accounts, someone who understands that they work for a poor to middle class community that cannot afford a compensation package that is on par for DeKalb, Cobb, Fayetteville, Fulton, etc. we are tired if being fleeced yet our teachers and support staff make less now than they made six years ago. We have been out of the recession now for a year, so that excuse should not be claimed again. Someone retired with no Clayton administration experience. No one associated with SACS or AdvancedEd or that awful association that continues to move superintendents from place to place. Lets think outside the box that brought in the past three superintendents to Clayton.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Having the traits of an Eagle Scout, and being able to submit the proof. We can also go to the last place that he worked, on Internet forums; They will tell us truth !!! Just like we did to our last, when he went somewhere else.”

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: “The more you say, the more I like you Chanda Roberts White.”

Are you looking forward to the opening of the new Forest Park library branch? “Library officials excited about new Forest Park branch”

Kelsey Jones: “Yes!”

Terran Joy McCanna: “Definitely!”

Alvino Cooper: “#claytoncountyonthemove”

Is Morrow paying too much for lawyers? “Morrow pays lawyers almost $12,500”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Another Question Might Be : Are We Paying Too Much In Traffic Fines in Morrow, for Not Breaking Any Laws ?”

Can Clayton County use “Smokey and The Bandit” and “The Hunger Games” to boost its tourism? “Walking under Clayton County’s star”

Sheriff of the United States of America: “I would think not. But they'll spend money in the failed attempt I'm sure.”

Rex Mill: “Part of The Odd Life of Timothy Green was filmed right here at Rex Mill and we'd love to help promote our property and county !!”

Sheriff of the United States of America: “I never saw the Odd Life, But I'll find it..thanks.”

Will you give any Toys for Tots this year? “Few toys for tots in Lovejoy”

Chanda Roberts White: “I placed a toy in the box the other night. Although unemployed for the first time in 23 years, I still believe that there are others in society with less than what I have. It will be a shocker to my two minors to not have material things this Christmas, but I hope that they will now see what we keep telling them, 'be grateful and appreciate what you already have.’ Before people chime in that deadbeats use the program to continue living off of other people, I would ask WWJD? The children who receive resources from agencies are not deadbeats or users or parasites, they are children who have a want and desire just like those kids who have parents who can afford their wants and desires. Happy holidays.”

Jerome Payne: “Good morning Clayton County... :):)”

Why do you think Clayton County's graduation rate is so low? “Georgia has the third-lowest graduation rate in country”

Paige Patton Turner: “No comment!!!”

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