Rangers seek help in finding poachers

Officials with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division are asking Henry County’s help in identifying and turning in animal poachers.

Ranger First Class Kevin Godbee said poachers take the fun away from everyone else.

“Poachers steal wildlife that belongs to all Georgians,” he said. “They rob you of recreational opportunities such as hunting, fishing and wildlife watching.”

To report a poacher, Godbee said individuals can call the “turn in a poacher” hotline at 1-800-241-4113. Tipsters can also e-mail information to turn in poachers@dnr.state.ga.us.

Godbee said all information is appreciated and vital to eradicating wildlife poaching.

“Conservation rangers need your help to catch these thieves,” he said.

Information leading to an arrest could result in a reward.

For more information, access www.Georgiawildlife.com.