EDITORIAL: Who will have a say in the future?

Time is quicky running out for anyone who intends to vote in the Nov. 6 general election but has not yet registered to vote.

The voter registration deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 9, to be eligible to cast a ballot in the Nov. 6 general election.

People who do not vote, have little standing to complain about government.

In addition to the hotly contested presidential race, Clayton County voters will consider casting a ballot for embattled sheriff’s candidate Victor Hill or write-in candidate Garland Watkins.

Voters will also make their selections for Congressmen for Districts 5 and 13 and five school board members for districts 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7.

Early voting will take place from Oct. 15 until Oct. 26 at the county elections office, located at the 121 South McDonough St., in Jonesboro. Saturday voting will take place Oct. 27, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., at all of the county’s six advance voting sites. Advance voting will take place from Oct. 29, until Nov. 2.

The county’s advance voting sites are:

• The Clayton County Elections and Registration Office, located at 121 South McDonough St., in Jonesboro.

• The Clayton County Headquarters Library branch, located at 865 Battle Creek Road, in Jonesboro.

• The Lovejoy Library Branch, located at 1721 McDonough Road, in Hampton.

• The Morrow Municipal Complex, located at 1500 Morrow Road, in Morrow.

• The Frank Bailey Senior Center, located at 6213 Riverdale Road, in Riverdale.

• The Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center, located at 3499 Rex Road, in Rex.

There are obviously thousands of Clayton County citizens who are not registered voters. 

There are also thousands of Clayton County citizens who are registered to vote, but who simply have not made it to the polls this year, so far.

Four years ago Clayton County was an important part of history as an unprecedented number of voters went to the polls helping to elect President Barak Obama. Will there be the same kind support in this election?

With yet another accreditation warning, the BOE race could have significant implications for the future of public education in our county.

It goes without saying there is a lot at stake in the sheriff’s race.

We are not telling voters or potential voters who to support, but anyone who has not already registered to vote only has a few days left if they hope to vote either in the U.S. prersidential race, in the Clayton County BOE race, in the congressional race or in the race for Clayton County Sheriff. 

A very small percentage of Clayton County citizens have set the ballot for the county’s future by voting in the primaries. An even smaller percentage voted in the run-off. How many will vote in the general election?

Will you have a say in Clayton County’s or in the nation’s future? 

— Editor Jim Zachary


OscarKnight 3 years ago

Quote : "Victor Hill or write-in candidate Garland Watkins."

...In my honest opinion; Garland Watkins is another option from having Victor Hill as our Sheriff. The same thing happened in 2008, when Kem Kimbrough was elected has our Sheriff. Speaking for myself, this is called force feeding the voters in this county with optional candidates.

....Riddle me with this Question :

......Why didn't Garland Watkins filed his candidacy, before the county elections ?.......Why Now ?...Was he waiting for the field to be narrowed ?........Was he waiting for Kimbrough tose to Hill ?........Is Watkins depending on Hill to be convicted in court ?

.....Maybe Garland Watkins can begin to answer these questions for us.

....This is what happens when a county has a single political party operated Government..


OscarKnight 3 years ago

......Let this be known; During the Democrat Primaries, in 2008, My family and I voted for Garland Watkins because he seemed to be the most trusted and experienced. When the votes came in, and to my disappointment, Kimbrough was the winner. In my opinion, Kimbrough was forced upon the voters to prevent Hill from being re-elected. I had to cast my vote for Kimbrough, in order to get Hill out of the way, but when the General Election came around, I crossover to vote for Jack Rainwater, on the Republican ticket.....I have never been a fan of Hill or Kimbrough as our Sheriff.


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