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Have you ever visited the Georgia Archives? “Officials: Georgia Archives brings people to Clayton”

Chanda Roberts White: “Yes. The hours weren't great but I enjoyed going through micro fish finding family records. There is a wealth if information there for those seeking genealogical records. I found a book on the unofficial lost cemeteries of Coweta county and surrounding areas. It is difficult to get there during the week because of its hours of operation. I will say that it should not be closed because these are the records of the citizens of Georgia. If Clayton county leaders would work with Morrow and Lake City governments, the state may not have immediately thought to shut it down due to finances. When government entities cannot come up with a win-win plan after five years, what message has that really implied to the SoS? It shows that our leaders in the Southern Crescent have no idea what to do to market such a treasure. The hotel taxes should be used to emphasize the area. You have the college nearby with little connection to the archives. You have an Economic development agency in walking distance: Yet little showcasing being done. Perhaps the county can enter into negotiations with the SoS and use the hotel tax to subsidize part of the $700k budget deficit to keep the archives open this year. It is a treasure trove of resources for everyone. SOS should be willing to take some resources on the road to local schools for the Social Studies curriculum. Just a penny worth of ideas from an unemployed social worker who has enjoyed the archives.”

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: “Yes, once but I really hope to return soon.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Perhaps if the voters in Clayton County would start displaying more support for our State Government, maybe we would have much more of this. Brian Kemp is our Secretary of State in Georgia, and he is also a Republican. Governor Nathan Deal is also a Republican. We have to break off our ties with the Southside of Atlanta and South DeKalb County before we can be an independent county, and begin to gain respect from the rest of the State.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “In my own opinion, I think that it would be a sign of courtesy and politeness to send Brian Kemp and Governor Deal a Thank You letter. Brian Kemp can be found on Facebook, if anyone wants to say something to him.”

Do you believe Clayton County is safer than it was four years ago? “Suspected gunman in Jonesboro shooting arrested”

Le'Terris Tabias Brown: “No!”

Jimmy Padgett: “No!”

Festus Hagan: “Laughing out loud !! No you didn’t just ask that question did you?”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “I'm more concerned about getting stiffed by the law enforcement in this county, than the criminal elements. We have state laws and individual rights to protect ourselves from the bad guys, but not from our police. The traffic fine business has become an industry in this county. The police has become nothing short of being road agents and bandits for this industry.”

Sally Hughes Black: “NO! I have lived in this county all my life I have never seen it any worse.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Sally, It will get a lot worse before it gets better. This county has been going downhill for over 20 years. The only reason why we continue to live here, because this dysfunctional fungus has spread to other counties.”

Does the number of life sentences Johnathan Bun receives matter to you? “Bun tells cops he targeted gift shop”

Jimmy Padgett: “Just as long as he NEVER gets out!”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “I don't trust this form of liberal justice.”

Chanda Roberts White: “Yes. Just in case he wins an appeal, he needs to be sitting in jail on the other. He should never get out. Of course, he will appeal that he had poor legal representation during the first trial, and some judge will feel for this poor poor child who was raised by another criminal and raised with another. His dad and his brother should never get out if jail either. When dad finishes his sentence he should be flown back to his native country with LEO verifying that they saw him get off the plane and left there with .25.”

Are you surprised to see Clayton County schools in trouble with SACS again? “SACS ‘concerned’ over Clayton schools governance”

Chanda Roberts White: “I am surprised and disgusted with SACS. Saying that it does not approve of the superintendent search is something of a falsehood. We have an interim working with the outgoing before his last day on Friday. It seems that perhaps CCSD is not going to use the same trick and pony group that recycles superintendent candidates, which SACS prefers being done. It's apart like a shake down, ‘if you don't use who we want this independent board to use for the search, we need to look at your accreditation.’ And, of course the media won't take SACS to task on how they obtained info that the board is not doing a search; simply, report. I will concur that one, perhaps two, board members are horrible in comments at board meetings and when asked for a quote when contacted by the media. Her correct response to the media should be, ‘speak to the chair and vice chair on what the board's next move will be.’ Everyone has an opinion, but being on the school board, then an opinion coming from a board member gives the appearance that the board is saying something.”

Chanda Roberts White: “The board member should be censored for behavior and comments. Further, any member who is so negative and disrespectful to staff, should be required to go back to training on communication, board rules, leadership skills, and board responsibilities. It is time to stop electing people who run on a platform of ‘setting an entity straight.’ Once elected to said entity one must work together with others to make sure the entity is meeting the requirements of the law. If after re-training and censure it is time to request removal of the problem em member by the governor.”

Jimmy Padgett: “No. Nothing surprises me.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “NO. I'm surprised that our school system is still floating. It leaves very doubt that Clayton County is suffering from a terminal case of memory loss. How did the Voters take the loss of our accreditation in our school system? Does anyone remember Sandra Scott? Sandra Scott was one of four Clayton County school board members removed by Gov. Sonny Perdue in 2008. Sandra G. Scott is now serving as our Representative in State House District 76 seat.”

Chanda Roberts White: “This is beyond Sandra Scott. This is the current one person on the board who speaks out of turn, who has been censored, and still will not stick to what the board is suppose to be doing. Go to a meeting, and listen to comments. Then listen to the trauma drama parents, clapping.”

How should county commissioners handle citizens with whom they don't politically agree? “EDITORIAL: Citizens attacked with inflammatory speech”

Paige Patton Turner: “We don't always have to agree, but I do expect to be given the same respect as I give them. At last Tuesdays BOC meeting I was appalled at the lack of respect these commissioners extended to us, the tax paying citizens. Now with Singleton’s raciest remarks I have no respect whatsoever for this sorry excuse for a ‘public servant!’ A class action suit is now being discussed by the citizens who pays her paycheck !!! Get ready Ms. Singleton, you thought things were bad yesterday, after today's comments you best be updating your resume !!!!”

Festus Hagan: “This is reversed discrimination and she should be removed from office. The citizens of [Clayton County] are finally seeing through her smoke and mirror ways. I hope enough pressure is put on this and she will resign. She wrote this e-mail using a county e-mail address. How ignorant can you be? I say lets start a petition to have her removed. We don’t need racist leaders like this. I hope the watch dog group and all county citizens will come together and have her removed, but the county government we have will stand behind her and this will blow over like everything else she has done. People of [Clayton County], she is calling us the modern day Klan. What more proof do you need that she is the racist? This county has hit its lowest point that I have ever seen. Thank you Clayton News Daily for printing the truth, that’s all we ask. Thank you!!”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “We have a foul odor in our County Government; It is called Taxation without Representation.”

Chanda Roberts White: “I am tired of the county in fighting and the fights with the cities within the county. I am not white, I am not a part of the Klan, I am not a disgruntled citizen. I am wanting representation that can focus on building all of Clayton county and abiding by the wishes of the local communities. In Rex, we know that public transportation cannot fit down the narrow streets which lack side walks for the children who have to walk a mile to school. We want a better representation on economic issues rather than ‘that's the cities problems’ when it comes to businesses moving out of Clayton County.”

Walter Edwards: “But all of you like Chris Cristie and he’s allot worse. Double standard.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Disagreements can be solved by having town hall meeting to discuss the matters of indifferences, with the presence of the Elected Officials in question, the local press, the citizens, and a Video Camera to record the event. This event should also be placed on Youtube.”

How concerned are you about the warning letter SACS sent this week to Clayton County schools? “SACS chief: Sky not falling in Clayton”

Alvino Cooper: “Not too concerned, I believe that SACS wants to encourage the board to handle this current issue with the utmost efficiency and professionalism, because it seems as if, we, the citizens of Clayton Co. are not holding the board accountable to such. SACS acts with more concern for our students than we do.”

Chanda Roberts White: “Interesting that Elgart says that politics need to be removed from the process, then the article goes into detail the last several election cycles. It is also disappointing that there are comments on the story page that people simply vote for the person with a (D) behind there name. The commenters fail to address that the county's Republicans never offer a challenger. So those two negative commenters must not have understood that if the only people on the ballot have (D) behind their names, it means a failure of participation by (R). Further we would not have this many problems if it were not due to non-minority flight out of the county. If Clayton did not have absentee landlords, things would be better.”

Do you believe Morrow's economic development office is discriminating against a haunted house? “Haunted house not welcome in Morrow?”

Chanda Roberts White: “It is the only business coming to that corridor, so what is the problem. Most of the pavilion has gone unoccupied for more than five years. This taking two weeks to get things done would be truthful if the city if Morrow had business coming to it. Just lost TRU, BRU, La-z-boy, and soon Havertys to McDonough. How much economic development is Morrow creating INSIDE of Morrow and not McDonough?”

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: “You are right, they don't have any thing else on their agenda, they should be able to even help the unload the truck.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Quote: ‘Haunted house not welcome in Morrow?’ Morrow has never displayed a polite welcome to paying customers of their city. The City Morrow has strict violations to anyone that enters their city, however, they do cater to the thug elements to make them welcomed. I spent a lot of hard earned cash in Morrow, over the last 30 years, but not anymore. Let Morrow have their thugs and closed businesses.”

Suzanne Hurtado: “Morrow is not what it used to be.”

Tracy Bloom Larson: “I am very disappointed with this. I live in the city of Morrow and I was very upset that the city manager wants to keep businesses out. Haven't we had enough vacant buildings and an entire Old Towne that is nothing but a burden on tax payers??? I am planning on calling the city on Monday to ask why they would be so rude to an incoming business. Don't they want Morrow to grown and flourish? Weren't they just talking about making Morrow more appealing to the college students? People who enjoy going to haunted houses will drive a long way and pay a lot of money in and around the haunted houses. I can't see a down-side to this.”

Do you think outgoing Forest Park Mayor Corine Deyton was derelict in her duties this summer? “Forest Park attorneys say no ethics violation by mayor”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “NO !!!! I have been a homeowner in the City of Forest Park for almost 35 years, and I have my opinion as to the complaint filed by Kimberly James [but] I would rather keep this opinion to myself unless it escalates to the same level as old worn out lopsided nonsense that we see in our Clayton County Government. I have the utmost respect of our Mayor, and saddens me to see her retire.”

We've just learned local historian Ted Key, who has been involved with Historical Jonesboro/Clayton County, Inc., for decades, passed away Thursday during a family trip to the North Georgia Mountains. We're working on gathering further information at this time.

Patricia Green Sebo: “He will be greatly missed. He was the epitome of southern gentility.”

Suzanne Hurtado: “He so loved southern heritage, indian folklore and was a great teacher. My son really enjoyed him. He had so many ways to teach hands on and kids really looked forward to going to his class.”

Will you visit Frightmore Haunted House now that the city of Morrow has allowed it to open? “Morrow changes couse on haunted house”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Not until Morrow begins to throw out the welcome matte for it's visitors and paying customers.”

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: “Why not?”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Morrow should have rolled out the Red Carpet for Rayl's return. Like others in the past, He will probably see that his bread will be buttered in much greener pastures in the future.”

How helpful and friendly do you find your policemen to be? “Forest Park residents grieved over new policemen”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Helpful & Friendly? What about Helpful and Co-Operative?”

Is Wade Starr the county manager if Eldrin Bell never signed his contract? Officials are scratching their heads over that question. “BOC chair never signed county manager’s contract”

Chanda Roberts White: “He is. Just because Elsrin Bell wished it so, does not mean anything. Next time around for budget cuts, I would like the position abolished. All employees should answer to the Board chair and the board. The board chair is paid enough to manage a county the size of Clayton. Until his contract expires, or he is paid to stay home, he will be there.”

“In your Facebook” is a weekly feature compiled by government reporter Curt Yeomans, who is one of Clayton News Daily’s Facebook administrators. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247 or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com. The newspaper’s Facebook page can be found at www.facebook.com/claytonco.newsdaily/.


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