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Mykel Booth

Mykel Booth

RIVERDALE — The Riverdale Fire Department soon will have a fire truck that serves multiple purposes.

"You can use it to carry water and the hose along with an aerial ladder truck and a fire engine together," Riverdale Fire Chief Nish Willis said. "It will be equipped with extrication tools and EMS supplies."

The fire chief is scheduled to travel Thursday to Wyoming, Mich., where the truck was built.

"We are going up to the plant to inspect the truck," Willis said. "We will take delivery of the quint on Oct. 19."

The quint is so named because it’s a quintuple combination pumper, meaning it can perform five functions — pumping water, carrying water in a tank, a fire hose, a ground ladder and performing aerial ladder operations. It also is designed to carry five firefighters but the maximum staffing of Riverdale firefighters per truck is four, according to Willis.

"For the benefit of a small community like Riverdale, having a combination truck helps in two ways," she explained. "One, it allows us to have the capabilities of two engine companies. In the event we need a truck company service, we will already have it on the scene without having to call Clayton County Fire Department."

The additional benefit, she said, is that the quint will help lower the city’s Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating.

"The ISO rating governs the cost of the homeowners insurance ratings," Willis acknowledged. "The lower the ISO rating, the lower the insurance premiums."

The fire chief said the quint truck is scheduled to operate out of Fire Station 1 at 6690 Church St.

“The quint truck will be lettered and then we will train the Riverdale firefighters before we put it on the road,” she added.

"The quint is helpful, it does a lot of new things," said Riverdale Mayor Evelyn Winn-Dixon. "We don’t have a lot of fires in Riverdale but we do have a lot of emergencies. This quint is multipurpose. I call it my jack-of-all-trades fire engine."


OscarKnight 2 years, 10 months ago

....Quote : "We don’t have a lot of fires in Riverdale"

......This fact should have been at the top of this report....Ha, Ha.

......While I was reading this article, I kept saying to myself that the fire department must have too much time on their hands.


OscarKnight 2 years, 10 months ago

...By The Way; I think that the Headlines to this story don't match up.


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