Calling old cell phones

JONESBORO — The Clayton County Task Force on Domestic Violence is collecting no-longer-used cell phones for Verizon’s HopeLine.

“The purpose of the cell phone collection is to raise money for our domestic violence shelter, Securus House,” said Clayton County Victim Witness Assistant Program Manager, Susan Bass. “Verizon’s HopeLine collects used cell phones to donate to non profit organizations.”

Some of the donated no-longer-used cell phones will be refurbished and given to domestic violence organizations. Other phones are resold with the proceeds going back into the HopeLine program.

The DUI/Drug Court Program asked it 74 participants to collect cell phones for the HopeLine. Verizon’s HopeLine has been extended until Oct. 31.

Clayton County State Court’s DUI/Drug Court Program partnered with the Clayton County Task Force on Domestic Violence and the District Attorney’s Office to support Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Task Force collected the no-longer-used cell phones to turn in to Verizon’s HopeLine.

In all, the DUI/Drug Court’s participants donated 254 no-longer-used cell phones.

“Community service is a big part of our program, and donations to victims of domestic violence is an important cause,” said DUI/Drug Court Judge Linda S. Cowen. “We wanted to honor District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson’s effort to give a help line to those in need.”

DUI/Drug Court targets non-violent offenders convicted of their second DUI in five years, or their third or more DUI in a lifetime.

“The program is rigorous by design, requiring completion of four phases which take a year or more as mandated by the court,” said Accountability Courts Coordinator, Andrea Saxon. “Rewards for progress and swift sanctions for behaviors that negate program goals are critical to the recovery process.”

For more information about DUI/Drug Court, please contact Saxon at 770-603-4043.