Clayton State to teach sound of music

MORROW — Every good boy deserves fudge.

Or is it eat garbage by day Freddie?

Oh well, at least it’s easy to remember FACE.

For years, music students have learned clever little phrases like these to remember where each musical note is located on a line of music.

It is now time for a new crop of music students to come up with their own creative ways to remember how to play a musical instrument. Clayton State University’s Music Preparatory School is registering students for private non-credit music lessons for its nine-week “Fall Session Two” run of classes for budding musicians over the age of 6.

The classes begin next week, but new students will still be accepted after lessons begin, according to the university.

The lessons cost $190 for nine weeks of 30-minute class, $285 for a set of 45 minute lessons and $380 for a set of one hour lessons. A $25 late fee will be charged for applications received after Oct. 20.

Log onto www.clayton.edu/vpa/music/preparatoryschool to print out applications for the lessons.