Man tasered by police after reportedly beating co-worker

He threatened her with air-pistol

MORROW — A woman told police she was in fear for her life when a man tried to force her into a store’s freezer at gunpoint.

The incident happened Sunday at 7:46 p.m., at the Dealz store, located at 1950 Mount Zion Road in Morrow.

Morrow Police said Yves Santais entered the Dealz store, “for an unlawful purpose.”

Santais is accused of pointing a handgun at the victim’s head. She told police she thought she “was going to die.”

The woman told police she thought the gun he had was real, when he pointed it at her head and tried to force her into a freezer located in the rear of the store.

Police said the woman struggled with Santais, refusing to go inside the freezer.

Santais was a Dealz employee at the time of the incident, according to the police report written by Morrow Police officer B. Warr.

“Santais asked the employee for assistance,” Warr said. “Once at the rear of the store, Santais grabbed her around the neck and produced a handgun. He pointed the handgun at her head.”

Santais then tried to force the woman into the freezer in the rear of the store. She began to struggle with him and he lost handgun during the struggle. At that point the suspect, to reach for his right ankle, according to the report.

“She began asking him ‘what have I done to you, and why are you doing this to me,” Warr said.

“[Santais] kicked the victim in the abdomen and side ribs causing visible bodily injury,” said Warr in the warrantless arrest probable cause affidavit. “[Santais] did punch the victim in the face with a closed fist, causing her cheeks to be swollen and bruised.”

Warr said the woman began to scream for help. A customer along with another co-worker responded and the suspect fled on foot.

“Prior to exiting the store, he turned around and stated she was attempting to get him fired,” Warr continued.

The officer said Santais was Tasered by police when they arrived because he failed to comply to their verbal commands.

Initially the police officer said he had trouble using the X26 Taser.

“I noticed the Taser was cycling and the Taser was having no effect on Santais...The Taser malfunctioned and would not cycle,” said Morrow Police officer H. Hess. “While instructing Santais to stop resisting I cycled the Taser X26 again while it was in contact with Santais’ right rear thigh area and the Taser functioned correctly.”

Santais was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, battery, false imprisonment, criminal trespassing and obstruction of an officer.


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