Archives reversal delicious for Clayton eateries

— Patrons of the Georgia Archives come to Morrow to use the facility every Friday and Saturday and some end up going to Anne and Bill’s Restaurant in Forest Park while they are in the area.

Thursday’s development that the archives will stay open — as is, through June 30 — might be the tastiest development in a long time.

People come from all corners of Georgia to spend hours doing historical or genealogical research and they hit up Anne and Bill’s and other area restaurants for a meal or two — or maybe even three.

When it seemed like the archives would close or its hours severely curtailed, the affected restaurants took note. Deborah Coogler, the manager at Anne and Bill’s, had been taking signatures for a petition to keep the archives open.

“I just think it’s a benefit to the community, so when they asked us if we would help them with the petition, we were glad to help,” said Coogler, who manages the restaurant with her sister, owner Kathy Chafin.

Those signatures aren’t necessary now. Thursday’s development means that archives aficionados, such as Suwanee resident Elizabeth Olson, won’t have to alter their routines. Olson said they come to Morrow to do research and they end up visiting restaurants in Clayton and Henry counties while in the area.

“When we’re down there, we’re at one of those places sometimes twice or more because if you happen to get there when it opens and you stay there till it closes you may be hitting these places for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” said Olson.

There are several archives patrons who don’t live in Clayton County but they can still effortlessly rattle off long lists of restaurants in Morrow and Forest Park. That is because they visit these restaurants frequently while they are in Morrow for a research trip. In addition to Anne and Bill’s, some of the common restaurants they said they visit include Subway, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-A, IHOP and Olive Garden.

“We usually go to the IHOP for breakfast and then go to Subway at lunch and drive-thru Wendy’s on our way out,” said Beatrice Cooker, an archives patron from Marietta.

Several patrons, like Olson, said the distances they have to drive to visit the archives is so far, they have to get food and other services, such as gas and oil changes for their cars, while they are in Clayton County.

“You can’t drive down there from Suwanee every Saturday without having to get food and gas,” said Olson.


OscarKnight 2 years, 5 months ago

......The visitors should have been here, when we had The Old Hickory House, Morrison's Cafeteria, Davis Bros., Shoney's, Outback Steak House, Steak & Ale, and The Hotdog House.


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